11 Easy Affordable Ways To Give Your Bedroom Walls A Makeover

11 Easy Affordable Ways To Give Your Bedroom Walls A Makeover
11 Easy Affordable Ways To Give Your Bedroom Walls A Makeover

Decorating your bedroom walls does not have to bring up visions of expensive fixtures and ornamental items. It is possible to turn your bedroom wall into a work of art by using a lot of creativity and very little money. Plus, your room will bear the stamp of your personality instead of being a blank, boring box.

Most landowners will let you put up anything you want on the wall as long as you promise to get the wall painted in its original color before you move out. So, put aside all those costly artwork and make some of your own masterpieces!

1. Use wall stickers to liven up the bedroom walls. Depending on your taste, you can choose to put up anything from abstract designs to cartoon characters to nature-related themes. Now-a-days, wall stickers can be created out of almost any theme and all you have to do is search for cheap ones online. A good place to look for interesting wall stickers is www.roommatesdecor.com.

Removable wall stickers make it so much more convenient to decorate your walls. Simply peel them off if you do not like your work of art and modify your design. When you shift out of the room, take your wall stickers with you. One thing to remember is that wall stickers usually do not stick well to tiles. A clean, painted wall is the best surface to stick on wall stickers.

2. Stretch fabric over canvas frames and hang them up on your walls. Fabric is a cheap, yet classy way to decorate walls. Fabrics can cover a large space and can be coordinated to create a unique look. This style of decoration is best for vertical walls and huge, empty spaces. What’s best, fabric art can be changed at will.

A staple gun can be used to pin the fabric to the back of the canvas frame and an interesting pyramid effect can be obtained by stacking them up. Such frames of fabric add color and dimension to your bedroom walls.

3. Liquid starch can be used to attach fabric to the walls. Choose the fabric and the design that you want to adorn your bedroom wall with. Cotton fabric has been found to give the best effect. Using thumb tacks, put the fabric in place. Pour liquid starch into a pan, and using a roller brush, coat the fabric. Now, remove the thumb tacks and check for areas that you may have missed. Roll starch over these areas. Once the starch layer is dry, apply another coat.

The advantage of this method is that you can just peel the fabric off the wall when you shift out of the room and wash the wash to make it look as good as new.

4. Cut pictures from magazines and frame them. Buy magazines that contain high-quality pictures of scenic beauty or close-ups of birds, animals, and trees. If you prefer other subjects for your walls, choose magazines accordingly. Get the pictures framed inexpensively, and you have beautiful pictures ready to grace your bedroom walls.

5. Buy inexpensive paintings created by local artists. Nothing beats the beauty of hand-made paintings over prints of masterpieces! You will also support the local artist population and get vibrant artwork for your walls.

6. If you have a bookshelf on your bedroom wall and it looks bare because you cannot find things to decorate the shelves with, here’s a solution. Use contact paper to create a pattern on the inside of the shelves that will bring the entire fixture to life.

7. Old compact discs (CDs) can be put to good use by putting them up on your bedroom wall. Get creative and make different designs with the CDs. You can also paint them to create an attractive pattern.

8. Stencils can be used to create patterns on your bedroom walls that make it look like you’ve wallpapered them. You can get a Moroccan-style wall design by repeating the same pattern. Tape the stencil to the wall using painter’s tape and apply paint using a foam roller. Remove the stencil and repeat on another section of the wall until the entire area is covered. Any imperfections or bleeding paint can be fixed using a painter’s brush.

9. String art can be made using yarn or embroidery floss. To keep it simple, use corkboard instead of wood. Drill in your design outline using nails and then weave the strings in different colors around the nails. You can go crazy with the colors!

10. Shoeboxes can be used to create display racks for light-weight objects. Paint the shoebox with bright colors using spray paint and attach it to your bedroom walls. You can also line the inside of the shoebox with pretty-looking wrapping paper. Place light ornaments in them and watch your spirits soar!

11. For those who want to go bold, sequins can be used to decorate the walls. You can create a design on canvas using gold sequins and frame it. If you want to go all out, you can attach sequins to the entire expanse of your wall. Use a foam board and cover it with wrapping paper to protect your wall from holes. Smaller sized sequins look better on the wall; however they take much longer to put up. The beauty of this wall is that the sequins move and create a shimmery effect whenever somebody walks by. They also make a good background for taking pictures at a party. Also, they work as great mood elevators. Who can be sad with so much sparkle around them?

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