New Home Shenanigans : Here is your Furniture Buying Guide


So you have recently bought a new flat/house and wondering how to decorate it. We all know that furniture and your personal touch is what turns a house into a home. Now, most of us have an idea how we want our home to look like and what our furniture would be like. However, actually getting down to it is easier said than done. There are several reasons behind it, which include budget planning; ensuring that furniture is built to last and most importantly, it should go with the aesthetics of the newly built house. These days there are several online retailers, who are dedicated solely to furniture and home decor. These online retailers usually offer lucrative discounts on furniture and therefore, you can easily source them at an affordable price. This article is more about how to select furniture and ensure that they will last you a lifetime.

If you are looking for wooden furniture, the first place to look for is the paint job and finish on it. In case the furniture you are looking for comes with a translucent finish, make sure that the finish should be even throughout the surface of the furniture. In case of an opaque finish, the consistency should be even across the surface with no visible bubbles or brush strokes. Moreover, if you have decided upon a wicker sofa or chair, make sure that there are no splinters sticking out. In case of wicker furniture, the weaves should be tightly bound and uniform.


Once you have made sure that the actual furniture is of premium finish and is designed to last, next step is to check the cushioning on it. Check the cushions for well-defined corners or curves, securely attached details and buttons, and unobtrusive seams. If the cushioning on the furniture meets the entire criteria, then you have hit upon the good stuff.

The next obvious step is to visualise where you would want to place that particular piece of furniture to sit in your home. If the furniture is going to be placed directly in line of sunlight, consider furniture with fewer patterns and less colour, which will not fade over the time. Similarly, if a furniture is going to be used a lot, like in a kitchen or as a dining furniture, choose the one that comes with durable finishing, preferably plywood.


Looking for budget-friendly shopping experience. Here are some more Tips:

If you have made up your mind as to what kind of furniture you want to go for, consider following tips before actually going out and buying it.

1. Check for the same piece online on domains like Pepperfry and others. This will allow you to compare price and get the furniture at a better price. Besides, most online retailers provide door-step delivery, which is highly convenient when it comes to buying hefty furniture.

2. Check on classifieds websites. At times, people tend to move abroad in a hurry and put up all the furniture that they own on these websites for a throwaway price. You never know you may find fairly new furniture at a price that is a steal.

3. Factory Outlets are another source of inexpensive furniture. However, before buying furniture from these outlets, make a thorough inspection of the product as these are mostly refurbished and may have a damage or two.

4. In case you opt to buy furniture online, always make payment online through your debit or credit card. This is because there is generally a cash back or reward point offered by the bank or the payment gateway to make online payment. This way you can get a certain percentage of the billing amount back.

 Keeping these pointers in mind, you can confidently go ahead and make a purchase of desired furniture to turn your house into home.

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New Home Shenanigans : Here is your Furniture Buying Guide