9 Best Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Home

The bedroom is your own personal space in your home. It’s the place you turn to after a long day for some comfort, peace and relaxation. So, it is not surprising that you’d want it to look and feel amazing. 

Not all of us are blessed with infinite space to work with, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your decorative ability. Here are some small bedroom decorating ideas to nudge you in the right direction –

Get Creative with Colours

There are two paths you can take when it comes to adding colour to your small bedroom. You can go for light and toned-down elements like a pale blue throw, white bedsheets, and a beige basket. Using these shades will make your room feel airy and open.

On the other hand, you can decide to be brave and choose decor elements in bold colours like red bedsheets, a pink cushion, or a green rug that will add a sense of spunk to the space. Also, patterns like floral, and geometric will give the room a warm and inviting feeling.

Bring Focus to the Headboard

Do not shy away from using your bed as the statement-furniture. The bed can be your centrepiece with all other pieces of furniture like a side table and accessories placed around it.

Upgrade the style quotient of the bedroom to greater heights with an attractive headboard. Chuck the old wooden headboard with soft and comfortable with zero hard edges. You can also choose to get the headboard of the bed upholstered. You can custom design a bed at Pepperfry.

Get Smart With Your Storage Furniture

Make sure to use storage furniture with little to no footprint. Doing this will leave more walking space in your bedroom and make it more spacious. There are many ways to do that. You can use floating wall shelves or ladder shelves for books and small decorative items. 

You may also use multi-purpose furniture to create storage spaces. You can opt for beds and tables with compartments attached underneath that can be used to store items such as bed sheets, cushion covers and other materials that are frequently used.

Stylize the Windows

Make use of your windows to create the illusion of space. Do not clutter the space around your window with too many accessories. Keep it open and airy, and let natural light work its magic. You can definitely use hanging plants, and light coloured curtains to decorate the area around your window.

You may also take the help of some fancy draperies and hangings to help set the overall room elegance. A good choice would be to opt for roman style curtains or even shutters to make your room aesthetically pleasing

Indulge in Fancy Bedding

When purchasing bed sheets and linens, don’t get distracted by what the salesman is telling you or by high thread counts. While it’s a fact that high thread count simply means enhanced superiority, it all boils down to what the sheets are made from. If you want top-quality sheets which are sturdy, lint-free, and opulently soft, opt for Egyptian, or Pima cotton.

Mirrors Can be Glamorous

Your Modern small bedroom ideas should find ways to incorporate mirrors into the mix! You can opt for floor mirrors or think of small dressing room designs with mirrors too.

Using a full-length mirror is another clever tactic to make your room feel bigger. Do not place it opposite your bed, instead place it in a position which would allow it to reflect the maximum number of furniture pieces.

Using Furniture to Create the Illusion of Space

When selecting furniture for your bedroom, try to steer clear of heavy and bulky armchairs, and tables.

A good piece of advice to follow would be to select furniture that is minimalistic. If you are able to leave a decent amount of space between the ground and your furniture, it creates the illusion of space and makes a small area seem more airy and spacious.

Multi-Functionality Is Your Saviour

When your primary goal is to use minimal space and extract maximum value, nothing does the job better than multi-functional furniture.

A sofa that reclines, extends and doubles up as a bed? Great! A study table with a separate compartment for your monitor/laptop and a slide-out slab for your keyboard? Amazing! A floor lamp with an attached table that can work well as a side table? Even Better.

Clever Flooring Decorations

You can use rugs and carpets of different colours and sizes to compartmentalise your room. This way, it feels like there’s more to your bedroom than just one large single space and adds a spice of variety to your cosy modern small bedroom ideas.

For example, the sleeping area with the bed can have a different flooring theme while the area with the study table, shelves and armchair can run a separate colouring theme.

Use Your Balcony 

This one is only for those in flats or apartments with a balcony attached to their bedroom. You can choose to design your room so that it intelligently uses the extra space provided by the balcony and creates a flow from your bedroom into the balcony.

Try to form a seamless transition from your bedroom to the balcony using rugs and carpets. You can also decorate the area with a gallery of beautiful plants and give a naturistic vibe to the place.

Summing Up!

The idea of pulling back on your interior design creativity just because you have to work with limited space room design is ridiculous. With the right furniture and strategy, along with some guidance, you can easily create a bedroom that can attract looks of admiration and impress everyone as soon as they lay their eyes on it. Hope this article has managed to nudge your thinking in the right direction and given you some clarity on the best small bedroom decorating ideas.

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