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Christmas Gifting Guide: Furniture & Home Décor Edition

If you can sense some uncontrolled excitement and festive fervor in the air and are wondering what in the world is going on, we’re sorry to break you out of your Full Metal Alchemist binge-watching-reverie but the holiday season is around the corner (Waaaaake up!).  

And by the look of things, if your plan for this year’s holiday shopping and gifting is sending frantic last-minute cards that smell more of panic than best wishes, beware of the age-old saying: ‘What goes around comes back around’! 

Jeez, was that too threatening an intro for what seemed an innocent Christmas gifting manual? No? You’re such a sport… because we are not done yet! In case you think that it’s all about the feelings and not the actual gift, you would not want to see the emotions on your Aunt Rachel’s face ( “God, another one!”) when she receives your gift card, either.  

Seriously guys, break the monotony this Christmas and make your gifts more than just dry formalities: the accurate expression of your personal style. 

Home Decor and Furniture Items That Make Perfect Christmas Gifts

Impress your friends and relatives this festive season with furniture and home decor gift items which add unique personality to their space. And no matter if Joe is a minimalist, Jack is a book lover, or Ginny can’t take her eyes off herself to actually give two hoots about her decor, we’ve got pretty much every type in your circle covered in this list! 

Holiday Light Candles Collection 

For those who like to keep things extra auspicious, this pack of citrus aroma candles from Aromantic Fables is perfect to set the mood for reciting their favorite Christmas carols. And we won’t blame you if you can’t keep yourself from joining in a couple of verses, either. Silent night, Hooooly…ahem, moving on. 

Set of Decanter and Tumblers

A host prepares! And this chic Bormioli Rocco Dedalo decanter and whiskey tumbler is guaranteed to be the apple of the eye of every host. Imagine the delight when you see your gift sitting proudly in their home bar the next time you visit. Like, Hey, What an amazing decanter: where did you get that from? Wink-wink! 

Mastermind Bookends

Do you have a friend who read Harold Bloom’s How to Read And Why? before moving on to anything else just in case he misses out on something? If yes, then this classy resin bookend from Smoky Cocktail oozes with the same kind of Greek stoic mentality.  

Just get out of there before the conundrum of ‘which books to keep and which to leave out’ begins!  

Herb Set With Planter

Up next is the aunt who is so obsessed with kombuchas, chamomile tea, and a million kinds of healthy ‘herbalicious’ soups that you wonder why her house has not turned into a greenhouse yet! Well, all petty judgments aside, this multicolored galvanized herb set by Green Girgit is her perfect gift this Christmas.  

Just have a rock-solid excuse already when you’re asked to taste her latest ginger-garlic-cinnamon reverse aging drink that will add 20 more years to your life! Gosh, with 20 more years of that, let’s hope for the worst! 

Plastic Hanging Shelves

Now then, out of the greenhouse to your neighborhood’s Reese Witherspoon! Don’t blush; we’re not talking about looks here but cleaning habits.  

In fact, this one is for all those mild cases of OCD with cleaning and organizing (basically everyone’s mom) who are waiting for the latest gadget to iron out wrinkles in table napkins! They are going to absolutely love the segregation that this four-compartment hanging shelf from My Gift Book offers. Meanwhile, we’re still working on the part of the napkin, of course. 

Casadecor Cake Stand

Christmas is all about cakes, cupcakes, puddings, and even more cakes! But nobody wants to miss out on the presentation either. And this white vanilla marble cake stand is just as impressive as the thing that sits on top of it! But you know what you’re gonna choose between the two, don’t you? 

Card and Pen Holder

This piece of cardholder-cum-table decor serves twin purposes of functionality and style: No more fumbling unprofessionally among wallets while recreating your Patrick Bateman card signature. Impressive, right? Now, let’s see Paul Allen’s cardholder. 

Ceramic Teapot 

Christmas or no Christmas, everyone needs a nice warm cup of tea in the morning! And if David Beckham doesn’t mind the calories in his bed tea, your fitness freak friend should have no excuses, either. Plus, this ceramic teapot from Nakshikathaa perfectly captures the Christmas vibe while retaining authentic Indian craftsmanship. 

Cheese Cutting Tool Set

Julienne or Slices? When you’re faced all of a sudden with this question amidst a culinary arts rant by your cheese-lover friend (which you have decided to rightfully sleep through), the time is ripe for presenting him with this Geometric cheese knife set from Amoliconcepts! And we’re used to saving friendships, don’t mention. 

Show Some Love to Your Loved Ones This Christmas (With Style!)

Alright, we know that’s a whole set of gift ideas that you never thought even existed. Well, to be honest, that’s not even half of it! Don’t believe us? Just jump straight to the Pepperfry website for a jaw-dropping gift catalog that is going to overwhelm your senses and spoil you further for choices. Happy gifting! 

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Christmas Gifting Guide: Furniture & Home Décor Edition