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2023 is almost here, and if you have been procrastinating your keeping-up-with-the-interior-design-trend resolution for the entire year, we have some handy advice for you! Shun it all together and get some head start for the next year. That’s because 2023 is going to be nothing like the year before!

From the revival of gothic and art deco interiors to new color trends and a deeper emphasis on wellness, there is so much hot-new-and-trending on the designing landscape for the upcoming year. And as always, we’re here at Pepperfry to get you acquainted with all of these ideas.

10 Must-Have Home Decor Trends That are On the Rise

Natural Light

With all the health and fitness perks that accompany this trend, interior design was bound to catch up on its fair share of natural light some time or other. And 2023 seems to be literally breaking the horizons on this front! Large windows, lots of whites, and polished reflective surfaces are arriving in style to help you get your daily dosage of Vitamin D right at your home.


Nostalgia in home decor is the ex-girlfriend you just can’t seem to get over! And in 2023, she is coming back with double the emotional force. What you need to do, apart from keeping a handy stash of tissues ready for swollen eyes, is to watch out for bucolic artwork, gold accents, and pastoral patterns that bring out everyone’s inner poet and a truckload of old memories.

Lots of Curves

Interiors are getting curvier at pretty much the same pace that Victoria’s Secret Models are getting skinnier! Sensitive jokes apart, have people been complaining about their tender sensibilities being offended by sharp furniture outlines? We can only wonder because all you will see in 2023 are curvy cabinets and nightstands, oblong mirrors, and mushroom lighting.

Noir Revival

It’s not just AC/DC who are Back in Black this Aussie summer because interiors are all set to go gothic with lots of character. So hurry up and raise the dramatic question of your house with sweeping curtains, lavish chandeliers, sculptures, and hues darker than the Hogwarts Department of Dark Arts!

Blend of Organic and Local Imperfections

The Oracle has spoken! Perfection in interior design seems not just highly unachievable but actually quite boring too (if the next year’s trends are any indication). People love organic shapes and earth tones alongside unique local and handmade aesthetics to reveal a whole new side to their decor.

Tranquil Blue Hues

If you thought that the tranquility of deep-sea color tones could only be brought home either by a handful of lucky brats in Palm Islands or The Little Mermaid Ariel, you’re in for a shock. Because in the coming months, a wave of water-blue interior design palettes is all set to crash design trends bringing with it the jewels of calmness and serenity right from the sea bed. 

Emphasis on Wellness and Meaning

Trends come and go. But what’s important is that your interior design matches your personal taste and is focused on creating comfort and meaning for your peaceful existence. And if it means retreating back to farm living like Daniel Day-Lewis, so be it!  

Thankfully, one of the trends next year is the idea of shunning the popular and embracing the individual with functional, healthy spaces and authentic decor elements. The best part about this trend: you get to decide what works for you. 

Art Deco Revival

Minimalistic trends have boomed for quite a few years. But the last couple of years seems to have suggested that too much looking at bare walls is not much fun either! Going back to the roots for the umpteenth time, bright colors, symmetrical outlines, ornate details, and geometric patterns are making a solid comeback to up the glam quotient in your living rooms back to the roaring 20s levels.

Wine Collections

When Gary Vee says something, people usually listen. And he’s been begging for years to take your winning seriously! (That’s winning without an H, by the way.)  

No wonder wine collections are becoming more and more artistic. And if you’ve been feeling a little nervous about bringing out the wine bottles from inside the cabinet, this latest design trend is here to offer moral support to your drinking game and its objects of worship. 

Unconventional Coffee Stations

Why walk all the way to the kitchen when you can get coffee right by your bedside? And don’t worry, Starbucks is a long way from being that hospitable (or intruding).  

Coffee stations are finding homes in unique and unconventional places like bedrooms, home offices, home theaters…pretty much anywhere you need a shot of caffeine. And for the love of God and delicious coffee, no one is complaining either! 

Get a Headstart on All the New Year Design Trends

Now that you know what’s hot on the interior design scene, the time has come for you to get off the couch and get some work done. In fact, don’t mind the ‘getting off the couch’ bit. Just get onto the Pepperfry website, where you can check out all the products and furnishings necessary for you to keep up with the New Year’s trend and stay on top of your decor game. 

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2023 Interior Design Trends | Pepperfry Forecast