6 Trending Cupboards That Will Help Declutter Your Home

Have you ever thought of a home where there are no cupboards? Never! Cupboards are one of the essential components of a house. Without cupboards, storage would be impossible, and things would be scattered everywhere in the house, giving an untidy look to the space.

A perfect cupboard will be functional and aesthetically designed to blend with your home décor. In this blog, we have listed a few types of cupboards that can help you organize your stuff and, at the same time, act as a stylish décor for your home.

Free Standing Vintage Cupboards

This is the most commonly used cupboard found in any home. As the name suggests, it is a vintage-style cupboard made of wood and can be readily moved from one corner to another. You can keep these cupboards in the bedroom or living room. It has a classy traditional design and can be used for keeping clothes, accessories, books, and documents.

Such cupboards contain a lot of space to hold several pieces of stuff. You can easily store your things orderly and make your space clutter-free. A solid wood king size beds in the bedroom will complement the free-standing vintage cupboard. For the living room, you can pair it with a traditional sofa.

Floor to Ceiling Wall Mounted Cupboards

Space constraint is a major issue for most homeowners or renters. To save the most out of your living space, you will prefer cupboards utilizing the minimum space. Hence, wall-mounted cupboards built from the floor to the ceiling are perfect for serving your purpose. 

The wall-mounted cupboards will provide a modern and organized look to your room décor. Also, you can customize the size and design as per your preference, like making space for drawers, dividers, and shelves. You can pair modern designed chairs and some modern wall lamps to create a dramatic lighting effect on the entire room décor.

Luxurious Walk-In Cupboards

A walk-in cupboard is every woman’s desire. These cupboards offer a luxurious look to the room and are ideal for keeping things in one place in an organized form like clothes, footwear, accessories, bags, etc. 

A chaise lounge in one corner of the bedroom complementing the walk-in cupboard will give a plush look to the room. Play with light by adding wall sconces.

Trendy Kitchen Cupboards

Kitchen cupboards are one of the essential components of the kitchen. Without it, your kitchen will look messy and confusing. Apart from storage space, the design of the cupboards should complement the kitchen décor. 

Different types of cupboards are available to set up a modern and functional kitchen. While purchasing the kitchen cupboard you can also buy a modern chimney to get rid of smoke and odor emitted while cooking to keep the kitchen clean.

Shoe Cupboard

Do you remember tripping over an unkempt shoe or slipper while entering or going out of the house? Such accidents are common when family members leave their footwear out in a cluttered manner. To avoid such accidents and keep your shoes organized, you can bring home a shoe cupboard. 

Apart from organizing the shoes neatly in one place, it will also keep them dust-free and make the space look neat. Place a wall art on the wall over the shoe cupboard to enhance the look of the space. Additionally, you can place a photo frame or some décor item on the cupboard.

Bathroom Cupboard

There are many things in the bathroom like dental kits, shaving kits, shower gels, shampoos, face cleansers, deodorants, towels, etc. Your bathroom will look untidy if these things are not arranged properly in one place.

While buying a bathroom cupboard check the cupboard hinges types. They should be sturdy enough to bear moisture. You can make your bathroom look more spacious, by fixing a bathroom decorative mirror and discarding the old one. Together with some artificial plants they will give a new and pleasant look to your bathroom.

Summing Up!

Cupboards are essential to keep your personal and household stuff in one place. If you are confused while choosing a cupboard for your home, you can refer to the types of cupboards mentioned above. It will make your work easy and help you get the perfect cupboard for your home.

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6 Trending Cupboards That Will Help Declutter Your Home