guest-roomYour guest room is an extension of yourself, a reflection of the warmth and affection you have for friends and guests. A classy, yet comfortable guest room is the first thing you can offer your guests as a host. Remember to:

Think like a guest first – which means you’re travelling with luggage and need more space than anything else. Don’t cramp up the room with furniture, rather keep it open to house the bags you’re guests are travelling with.

Add a personal touch – if you know your guests well enough, then you know the scent s/he prefers or the colors they swear by. They’d love to see the duvet in their favorite color or a particular mint on the bedside table.

Be practical in what you offer – No, your house guests aren’t looking for breakfast in bed or laundry service. They are happy with clean sheets, a comfortable blanket and closet space. They are looking for your company to be precise.

Check the bathroom – Place all toilet essentials in an easily-accessible space. Keep a few extra towels handy and the basic toiletries that your guest may need. Don’t worry about the finer knick-knacks.

Whether you have guests for a few hours or few weeks, offer them an unforgettable experience.

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