Let your daily dining experience be second to none. We bring industry experts to show you how:
Beautifully hand-carved wooden furniture, extravagant fabrics, elegant chandeliers, mirrored walls, dramatic wallpaper and a warm rug underfoot — if you are ready to shake things up a bit, we’re all set to help you create a dining space that promises to wow. But before that, take a moment to consider what it is exactly that you want in the room.

Photograph Vikrant Kharat

For sophisticated sit-down dinners
Being formal is not about getting stiff with the space. Avoid dominance of any single element. “A monochromatic colour scheme is preferred and symmetry in furniture placement is advisable. Fresh flowers, tall vases and pillar candles – couldn’t get more festive than this,” says interior designer Shantanu Garg. Choose matte black pendant drum lights and dress the windows with shutters and blinds, as they look neat and add on to the minimal look.


For informal brunches with your BFFs
Be it brunch, lunch or just drinks, an informal dining space needs to be planned in a more relaxed tone. Mandeep Nagi, Design Director advises, “Opt for low seating with colourful cushions and keep the dishes to a bare minimum.” Talking about table settings, Shantanu Garg says, “Use varied colours and quirky prints, and place a fruit basket instead of a flower vase.” Bohemian lighting designs work best to set the mood for a casual family dinner.


Festive fervor
With unbridled imagination, create a visual delight with an exotic centrepiece that will enliven your dining space. Adding to the dressy look, beautiful long trellis arrangements can work best for the dining area. Remember, when decorating the dining table, detailing is the key. So, if you are planning to use flowers opt for fresh ones and team them up with colourful candles and t-lights in vivid votive holders.


Order of work
The best way to get started is to create lists — one, to list down what you want to incorporate in your space, another with the limitations of the space. Use these two lists to work your way around creating the kind of dining experience you want. Your decision will also depend on whether your space is in the kitchen or is a part of the living set up. Although it becomes easier if the kitchen and dining, or living and dining spaces are part of a large proportioned room, it is okay to create an interesting breakfast nook for two in a small space as well.


The next step would be to create a wishlist with references, and recreating that look with a well-designed moodboard. Don’t miss out on fundamentals like the function of the space, the number of people using it, ventilation of the room and how much light it receives. Once you have figured the basics, you can then move on to the other elements — furniture, colour, storage, and display.


Don’t miss the details

  • Ensure a seamless flow between spaces. A distinctive colour is a good option to help spaces feel connected.
  • Use accessories to express your style and lend character to the space. They come in handy when changing the look for different occasions.
  • Materials, lighting and furniture lend their own character and personality. There could also be a piece of art you love — offering an atmosphere that speaks for itself.
  • Invest in a trolley with wheels that can serve as a side table, and can also make laying and clearing easy.
  • For small spaces, it is ideal to add a large decorative mirror on the side wall to accentuate the feeling of spaciousness.
  • Lighting can dramatically alter the mood of a room, so make sure yours is as flexible as possible. Opt for mood lighting with warm tones, and avoid bright and coloured lights.
  • If you are planning a bar area, consider its relationship to the setting.
  • Use natural materials like wood, stone and copper for an earthy setting.
  • How about colouring different chairs in a single colour? Try this for an instant change. It not only draws attention to the shape of each chair but is easy on the pocket too.

Content: GoodHomes India | Feature: Vanita Arora

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