Festive Fundamentals To Kick-Start The Celebrations

Whichever way you look at it, these are the quintessential requisites to keep things looking and feeling festive.

Fresh flowers are to décor what mascara is to make-up

Torans and garlands are the norm when we’re thinking of dressing up our homes for the festive season. In fact, it’s the first step. Go the distance with unexpected and unusual ideas — take for instance, this layered floral artwork that can be used at the entrance or even as a centrepiece, on the coffee table.


Say Yes to Colours

What can we say, there’s no celebration without colour. Colour is synonymous with festive and celebratory — there’s no two ways about it! Now, now! We don’t mean for you to go crazy and loud on your guests — plan it in tones of two or three for a winning scheme.

light ideas

Bring in the Bling

Very few elements spell “dressy” like bling We pick crystal and cut glass for this season’s celebrations. Tinsel and sequins work too, but it would do well to give them a break this time around. Think glass beads and crystal candelabra to dress your corners.

Glitter, colour, embroidery and light…marry them well

Stay away from the clichés when you’re working on a scheme/ theme for the living/ entertaining area. Stay away from the jarring zardozi embellishments; opt for contemporary elements to create a bold, urban yet ethnic setting.


The art of gifting

A memento goes a long way in terms of keepsakes It’s nice to add a personal touch to any party you may host during the festive season — and gifts (or party favours) are a great way to go. We love a theme given to festive packaging. All laid out on the console at the entrance, it makes for a good-looking display too.

God is in the details

Here’s a good reason why we believe God is in the details. Make a list, or maybe many. Categorise and classify things that need to get done before a party. And these are helpful whether you’re playing host or guest. It’s nice to have had your idiot checks in place before any big party night. When it’s intimate, make it a sit-down affair. We like the personal attention and one-on-one interaction that sit-downs augur.

Card party

Theme Spirit

Card parties are the most fun part of the Diwali hols. We will all attend at least one of these in our lifetimes, where an aunt wins all the stakes and a cousin spends the evening over the wash basin. It’s all about the mood and the memories that are created. We recommend that you dim the lights and let the spirits soar. Add glamour and edge with the little accents you strew around. Get a party organiser to superficially transform your space into an all-out party zone.



Party Time

Create little set-ups throughout the party setting to highlight and add to the dramatic mood. Floor lamps, wrought-iron screens fitted with t-light votives, crystal candlestands…bring them all on to keep the ambience soft and glowing. Create clusters on consoles and corner tables or at the entrance, to enhance and emphasise the look.

Sweet endings

Sweet Endings

It’s that special (after) taste we’re all after. As important as the food is, the desserts are probably more so. Look at a range that covers a little bit of everything from small, bite-sized mouthfuls to brimming spoonfuls.

Haven’t you heard — first impressions last!

Make the most drama at the entrance. When you’re expecting guests — especially when you’re expecting guests — it’s worth making the effort to create an impression at the entrance. It’s one of those things that not only sets the tone of your party but also very subtly lets your guests know that having them over means that much more to you.

Make the effort to create magic at your entrance. It not only sets the tone of your party but also, very subtly, lets your guests know that having them over means that much more to you.


Content: GoodHomes India | Feature: Pinky Akola | Photographs: Vikrant Kharat

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