Living Room Decor Ideas that are Worth Every Penny!

The living room is the heart of a home. It is where you relax, socialise, entertain yourself, play games or simply hang out with friends and family. It can be your Sunday slouching corner or your Saturday wild house party location.

When guests visit your home, your living room decor creates the first impression for the rest of your home.

Is your current living room looking a little bland and dreary? Are you looking to undertake a living room interior design project for your home but feeling slightly lost? Don’t worry! We all have been there! When your head is bursting with ideas and your phone’s memory is full of all the decor images you have saved, it’s time to pause!

We can offer you some simple and universal living room decor ideas that you can customise according to your taste.

So, let’s dive in and check out some of the hottest living room decoration ideas for your home!

Vintage Couch To Turn Up The Bridgerton Vibes

If you are a self-proclaimed couch potato and you have a special relationship with it, this piece of furniture is quite sacred to you. Even if you are an extremely active person, a laid back weekend on the couch, reading your favourite book can be the definition of bliss.

A couch is one of the most prominent pieces of furniture in your living room, and the decor style you choose for your sofa will set the tone for the rest of your room. There are different styles, but nothing spells glam as a lavish chesterfield couch, tell us if it does not take you straight to the Victorian era?!

If your general aesthetic is cottagecore and you have been obsessively bingeing period dramas, here’s your cue to bring home a beautiful vintage couch. People often think that a period piece might look outdated in your home, but you can blend it well with the rest of your decor and make it a statement piece.

You can match the furnishing colour to the colour scheme of your living room, and voila, you are now in your very own Jane Austen story!

Getting Crafty With Your Shelf Design

Shelves are an essential decor element in every household simply because they are super useful. From various decor items to rows of books and house plants, people use shelves to display all kinds of personal possessions.

Traditionally, shelves have been used to store items while creating a visually appealing display for your home. The things you choose to display on a shelf can say a lot about how you approach your living room decoration.


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Have you ever attempted not just to get creative about what you choose to showcase but the design of the shelves themselves?  These pieces don’t always have to be linear fixtures; there are different shapes and sizes you can experiment with when you are putting up a shelf rack in your living room.

They could be stacked on top of each other, in a single file, in ascending or descending patterns and can also be floating shelves. You could also experiment with different materials like glass, wood and metal. We recommend wood because it is very low-maintenance and durable for wall fixtures.

When it comes to picking things you want to showcase, houseplants and showpieces are popular choices for shelf decor. You could also display trinkets you have collected from your travels, photo frames or artwork, your favourite books, etc. Your shelf decor should reflect your personality and say something about who you are and your design aesthetic.


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A TV Console With a Rustic Twist

You have seen Instagram posts of PS4 setups and gigantic TV console units that look super sleek and futuristic. However, if you are going for a warmer and rustic look for your living room, that’s not the kind of TV console you want to choose.

Nobody expects a traditional entertainment unit until they spot one and become obsessed. There are quite a few quirky designs available in the market that will catch your eye and capture your attention.

We are talking about rich wooden finish, fine craftsmanship, plenty of storage space for your equipment & movie collections, elaborate patterns and prints that adorn the body. It is a unique decor element that does not look like a run of the mill console or TV unit but instead has a distinct cultural identity of its own.

When picking out decorative items for the living room, we hardly ever consider the style of the TV console. However, take it from us, do not neglect the style choice of this vital decor piece. It can truly set a style benchmark for your living room and help elevate its aesthetic appeal.

See Your Living Room In Different Light

While lighting is not traditionally considered part of a room’s decor, it is a precious component that can uplift the decor style of the space.

What should be the central lighting fixture of your room? What kind of lights should you use to highlight certain fixtures? What type of lighting hues should you use? These are some of the questions you will have to grapple with while trying to make lighting choices for your living room.

Firstly, let’s all collectively say no to white light. It does work in some situations; that’s why they are the most popular ones, but if you are trying to create an ambient setting in your living room, a white light will not be the right choice for you.

We highly recommend warmer lighting hues such as yellow, which has a sublime glow effect that can bathe your living room in soft light. If you want the perfect lighting fixture to match your vintage couch, an edgy chandelier can be ideal for your living room. It has an ultra-glam appeal and can truly transform the vibes.

Moving on to smaller fixtures used for highlighting particular decor elements – usually, this isn’t a priority for most households, but if you want to add some extra flair to your living room, these will be the crown jewels of your lighting arrangement.

Another underused lighting fixture that has tremendous potential to add to your living room’s decor is a lamp. Whether it’s a table lamp or a floor lamp, you can create a fun and stylish array of lighting with different types. Lampshades are also a great canvas to showcase your creativity.


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Living Room Wall Decor

Art and architecture have always inspired each other. When it comes to interior design, art has always been a huge source of inspiration for decorators. So, why not make your living room into a masterpiece, right?

An interesting way to showcase some unique prints and patterns on your design is to try a wallpaper for your living room. Wallpapers have been a popular trend for the wall design space of living rooms, and they facilitate a smooth and convenient customisation option too.


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An obvious but effective choice for wall decor is hanging up actual pieces of artwork. When picking out art for your home, be mindful of the overall vibe of the room. A traditional painting can look out of place in a room with an industrial-chic vibe. The artwork’s frame should also match the colour accents of your room.

Another fascinating way of decorating your walls is to put up posters or commission painted murals. The poster trend, if done tastefully, can look stylish and quirky. The mural idea is going to be a huge hit and can be quite the statement decor aspect for the rest of your living room. You can even install wall panels to spruce up things.

Montage Of Mirrors

A creative way to make your living room look decadent and spacious is to use different types of designer mirrors in your decor. Mirrors in your living room are useful for last-minute outfit checks when leaving your home for a party or taking cute mirror selfies for the gram.

Besides its utility, it also serves as a stylish decor element.

Adding a montage of mirrors in your living room can make the lighting bounce around and open the space up. When placed opposite an open window with plenty of natural light filtering in, it reflects the rays to the rest of the room and makes the space seem bright and lively.

Mirrors are also available in different shapes, sizes and frames, which you can mix and match to create an eclectic decor for your home. There is no piece as useful and versatile as a stylish mirror when it comes to living room wall decor ideas.

If you are feeling bold, you could also install a wall-sized mirror on one of your living room walls. This is a trick commonly used to make a space look larger, and you must have spotted this in dance studios. This is especially useful if you struggle to make a compact space look larger.

Fancy a Change In Furnishings?

So far in this article, we have touched upon different furniture pieces and wall decor ideas that can liven up your living room. There is one aspect of the living room decor that we want to highlight now, which often gets neglected.

Furnishings are the life of your furniture and, by virtue, the life of your living room decor. From your cushion covers to the carpets on your windows and the rug you choose to pick out for your room, having the right mix of furnishings can change the feel.

In most cases, the furnishing comes along with the furniture you purchase. Then, it is just about making it blend with the other decor elements of your room to create an overall vibe. Other furnishings, such as curtains and rugs, are elements you have to pick out individually for your living room.

For curtains, anything airy and light is usually a solid choice for your room. Bulky curtains can make your space feel cramped up and make some guests feel claustrophobic. Try to balance the colour of your curtains with the rest of the room. You could always match the colour to your room’s dominant colour scheme, but you could also create a contrasting effect by picking a brighter and bolder one.

Having a rug in your living room is super important since it helps create a warm effect and acts as a filter by trapping dust and pollen. Keep in mind that your seating arrangement and placement of the rug should be proportional.

Wrapping Up

We hope, now, you have got some concrete ideas on how to approach your living room decoration. We have tried to bring forth diverse statements on what you can do with your living room, from furniture pieces to decor pieces and furnishings.

If you want to pick out your furniture and decor pieces from an extensive catalogue of articles, head to the Pepperfry website or visit any of our studios.

Stay tuned to this space for more innovative decor ideas.

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