Forget Expensive Re-modelling! Cute Kitchen Items For A Brand New Look

Tired of your old kitchen? Forget expensive remodeling and try baby steps.


Whats the first thought that pops in your head when you think of your kitchen? Stuffy, uninspiring, too much stuff, not colourful enough, etc. etc? Ask any housewife or a cooking enthusiast and she/he will admit that even though they love their time spent in the kitchen, but there is always that ‘extra’ that can be added. A whole new look prehaps? Possibly, but remodelling an entire kitchen can be heavy on the wallet and once the unique factor wears off, then what?

Therefore, its simpler to take baby steps. Nothing too drastic but adding small yet fun items ( also useful) to your kitchen that will give it a new feel every time you enter the kitchen. We have compiled a list of items that will work wonders for kitchen regardless the size. All you need to do is shop and enjoy your brand new kitchen.

Add a dash of colour to your kitchen utensils with this I-Pac Mondo Ceramic Mild steel Fry Pan

Colourful Utensils

Steel and aluminum utensils is a common sight in most Indian kitchen and even though they are practical, they lack personality. Stocking up on colorful pots, pans and even plates will add a burst of color to your kitchen and will make the entire process of preparing meals slightly more colorful.


Go vintage! This old school style Mango Wood Crockery Cabinet will refresh the look of your kitchen.

Add a Old School Touch

Most of the kitchen lack personality simply because we do not put much thought in decorating the space. That’s why a vintage looking kitchen cabinet will add a aura to your kitchen which will be warm and welcoming. Why always opt for boring old shelves when you can have this?

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Everyday items like be fun too! Like this The Elephant Company Medium Tray Camel.

A Sense Of Quirky In Everyday Items

You may think twice before purchasing your everyday items like trays, glasses, fruits basket etc but giving these everyday items a quirky twist will add a whole new dimension to your kitchen ware and the entire kitchen. A dash of color, electric design will funk up your kitchen and will ensure that you don’t purchase items mindlessly.

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This sleek Padmini Gas Stove Cs 3GT Crystal Black can be a fabulous addition.

An Appliance Overhaul

Last but not the least, buy new appliances!  It can be a new toaster, juicer or a gas stove but replacing your old appliances will provide a clean and upgraded look to your kitchen . And not to forget the fact that maybe it’s time to retire your old and worn out appliances and what better reason than a new look? And btw, its way easier on the wallet than a complete remodeling.

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Forget Expensive Re-modelling! Cute Kitchen Items For A Brand New Look