Our journey began when after years in corporate life, Ashish and I figured that while being in a comfort zone is beautiful, frankly nothing ever grows there and so it was time for us to do something new, exciting and quite possibly foolhardy… and it was a Tuesday Evening 5 years ago, when www.pepperfry.com was born.

Today, Pepperfry is India’s No.1 Furniture and Home Products Marketplace; but more importantly we are a team that’s been carved by a sense of purpose, tempered by mutual respect and forged together by the fires of success. Pepperfry has certainly given us all, some of our closest advisors, fiercest critics and bestest friends.

Our mantra has always been to fight hard and fast until our competitors ask if we are hiring. As we celebrate our 5th birthday today, I say kudos to the team’s passion, perseverance and pursuit of perfection, together we make music.

Here’s to a bright future, great friendships and the best team that we could ever wish for!

Happy Anniversary again! Let’s continue to Pioneer. Delight. Sizzle.


~Ambareesh Murty

Co-Founder. Furniture Salesman, Closet Sociopath, History Buff, Reader of Epic Fantasies, Poker of Bears.