Home Décor Hacks for the Corners

Often in our interior design process, the corners of a room get neglected. Either because they do not serve any purpose or because of their difficult dimensions. However, corners represent an ideal opportunity for you to elevate your home decor by experimenting with that space. Whereas most houses will let corners be, we have a few style tips that can help you glam up the corners of your house and dazzle your guests with your creativity.

Corner Desk

Now the obvious difficulty with the corner spaces of a room is their dimension. Either you can use up the wall space of one of the intersecting walls or use up the intersection space itself.

Let’s say you need a desk in your room, but you do not have enough floor space on one side. An excellent way to have a desk without having it take up the entire wall space of a single wall is to opt for a corner desk.

This is a nifty little hack since it allows you to optimize your floor and wall space and ensure that the room does not look too cluttered.


Mirrors are a great way to elevate the corner of your room. Apart from serving their function, they also give an illusion of bigger space.

Floor Lamps 

A room does not always get an equal amount of natural light. There will be parts of the room that are better lit than the others. Therefore, decorating your room corner with some artificial lighting can glam it up in an instant.

Corner Shelves

Not only do these shelves look extremely modern and chic, but they also offer utility as a storage place for your decorative knick-knacks, showpieces, vases, and even books.

Add Some Greenery

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to make your room corners look lively and alive is to add a touch of green.

You can place one or two artificial plants in a corner, especially if you cannot be bothered to maintain a real one. A plant not only gives your room a touch of colour but also draws the attention of anyone who enters the room, making sure that they notice your creative corner.

Show Your Corners Some Love

An empty, neglected corner looks sad and can pull down the overall charm of your room, no matter how great the rest of the interior design is.

So make the most of every space and glam up your home corners with these simple DIY hacks. Head over to Pepperfry and shop the perfect furniture pieces for your corners.

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Home Décor Hacks for the Corners