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Monsoons can be a tricky time. Even though the weather cools down and the humidity in the air is replaced by a crisp freshness, lethargy can creep in and create havoc in our fitness routine. Bye bye to evening jogs and say hello to plate of bhajias instead, correct?

Wrong. Even though monsoons can be a testing time for all fitness enthusiasts, it’s not a hopeless situation. Especially, if you are one of those who find the sight of a paunch, less than appealing and avoidable.

Therefore to tackle the monsoon bulge, we have come up with ways you continue to stay fit during the wet season (without muddying yourself).

1.      Turn Your Bedroom Into A Yoga Studio.

Who needs to go out in the damp, wet and muddy weather (risking a fall not to forget) when one can do some lengthening and strengthening yoga in the comfort of your home? You can very easily turn your bedroom, hall or any other room in your apartment into a yoga studio. Sounds cool, right? Simply get some yoga videos or the Dreamland Yoga Chart and you won’t even miss your regular classes.

2.      Skip Your Way To Great Shape.

When was the last time you jumped rope? Don’t remember? Then it’s time for you give it a try all over again. It’s cheap, affordable and a great cardio vascular and fat burning exercise. The best part is that you don’t need to step outdoors to do it. A porch, verandah, garage or even in dining hall with suffice.

3.    Tone And Tighten With Kettle Bells.

For hardcore fitness enthusiasts who like build muscle and sculpt their body, monsoon’s can be bummer. The parks are wet and slippery and the regular gym routine sounds very…well…routine and inspiring.   In such a case, you can spruce of your fitness routine with the Kettle bells since they are a great way to combine cardio and strength training. Not to forget that it is a compact piece of equipment which is extremely moveable.

4.   Invest In A Food Steamer.

Workout aside, it’s crucial that you take care of what you eat during the monsoons. Lethargy with the desire to eat fried food (pakodas, anyone?) will not only tip the weighing scale but will also make you feel unnecessarily drowsy and bloated. To get a grip on what you eat through the way you prepare it, it’s good to spend on a food steamer. Suitable for most foods and many recipes, steamed foods are more nutritious since zero additional fat is required.

Just remember to improvise when it comes to working out and staying fit specially during the rains. Sitting in front of the TV won’t give you the body you have been dreaming about  so get up and get going!

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4 Possible Ways To Burn The Bulge This Monsoon