How To Deck Up Your Dining Room To Host Christmas Parties

Did you know that Santa Claus is coming to town? Of course, you did, but is your home ready to host him? Even if Santa leaves quietly and doesn’t stay over for dinner, your friends & family definitely will.

We presume you’ll be having some grand Christmas parties at your place. So it’s time to deck up your dining room with some festive cheer ahead of the parties. Don’t know how? Here are some decor ideas on how you can get your dining room ready for Christmas.

Appropriate Dining Furniture For Your Guests

If you are having a large Christmas dinner, you need to ensure you have enough space to seat all your guests.

Especially if your dining set has become dated, this is your queue to invest in a new set that makes the party very convenient to host. An elongated table like the one below allows to seat 8 people at the table. It’s the perfect party set and the elegant wood decor will add a touch of warmth to your dining space.

Portable Bar Trolley For The Christmas Wine

What’s a Christmas party without some delicious mulled wine? If you are planning to serve alcohol to your guests, do it in style on a beautiful bar trolley. This stunning bar trolley in a rich red color is the perfect Christmas accessory and it even sports the traditional color of the festival. And if you are not a fan of red, there are plenty of options in natural finish for you to choose from. A trolley is much more convenient to move around and serve all guests as opposed to permanent bar furniture that cannot be moved. In case you decide to move the party from the dining room back to the living room, you can simply move the trolley to the latter.

Lighting Is Key On Christmas

Christmas is a festival of lights and your dining room would look incomplete without the adequate festive lights. Our recommendation is to incorporate Christmas colors in your lighting fixtures. Shades of gold, red and green are perfect. You can go for hanging lights like the one below. Additionally, go big on candles which create the perfect setting for a Christmas dinner. The stunning branch themed candle holder below will be ideal for a cozy Christmas dinner.

Decor Pieces For Festive Vibe

If you do not want to make big changes but still want to create the festive vibe in your dining room, pay careful attention to the decor. You can pick out small decor accents like wall hangings, art, decorative photo frames and such to imbue the festive vibe in your dining room. Just adding these details to your dining space can make it an inviting atmosphere for your Christmas parties.

We have done our part of sharing the festive cheer by passing on a few handy tips to get your dining room ready for the Christmas parties. For more ideas and products, check out the Pepperfry website. Happy decorating!

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How To Deck Up Your Dining Room To Host Christmas Parties