How To Make The Best Of Your 1 BHK Space

Are you moving into a new 1BHK apartment and excited to make it your own? While the space might seem small to you, if decorated right, you’d be surprised at how much it has to offer!
So let’s dive into how you can make the most of your 1BHK space!

Sliding Door Mirrored Wardrobe

Finding enough floor space is always a struggle in a 1BHK, especially if you have a lot of furniture around you. It is therefore always recommended that you make your existing furniture as compact as possible. When choosing your wardrobe for your bedroom, it would be smart to get a wardrobe with a sliding door. This prevents outward opening doors from eating up your floor space. Additionally, a wardrobe with a mirror will save you the hassle of investing in a separate dressing table or an additional mirror for your room.

Use Of Multipurpose Furniture  

One of the most effective ways to make the most of your space is to invest in furniture that has multiple purposes. When you are picking out a bed for your bedroom, ensure that it comes with plenty of extra storage. You can store your extra bedding, winter clothes and other miscellaneous things around the house in this storage space.

Similarly, other ideas for multipurpose furniture include sofa cum beds, trunks, portable work/study tables with adjustable height, ottomans and many more.

Maximize Natural Lights With Mirrors

To make a small space look bigger, there is no better tool than natural lighting. Trust us, it will be your best friend. We highly recommend having big windows in your house that let plenty of natural light in. Their placement should be facing the sun so you can air out your home and get some much-needed lighting in the mornings. However, you can maximize the use of natural light by strategically placing mirrors on the opposite wall that reflect and amplify the lighting effect. Your space will appear more spacious, more open and will be very well-lit.

Utilize Vertical Spaces In The Kitchen 

If you are someone who likes to cook, the kitchen will be one of your favourite places in the house. It can also quickly become one of the most cramped spaces in the house because the number of containers, appliances and cutlery can pile up. Make use of your vertical places by setting up sturdy shelves that can help optimize your kitchen storage. Do not hesitate in piling up the shelves high, because you can always use a ladder/chair to reach the top shelves. You can look into floating shelves like the ones below for your kitchen, as the resulting design will not only be functional but will also look stunning.

We hope you got some interesting ideas to design your space from this list. Head over to the Pepperfry website for more ideas and inspiration.

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How To Make The Best Of Your 1 BHK Space