Easy summer entertaining in 8 simple steps

This is the perfect season for alfresco dining and entertaining friends and family in your outdoor space.
This is the perfect season for alfresco dining and entertaining friends and family in your outdoor space.

With lighter evenings and warm, balmy temperature, this is the perfect season for alfresco dining and entertaining friends and family in your outdoor space.

Whether you have a sprawling vast green space or a bijoux city garden, here are our top tips for creating the perfect space for entertaining this summer:

  1. Set the moodOutdoor lighting is crucial for outdoor spaces and helps set the tone of the evening. If you want to create a relaxing and laid back mood then drape fairy lights around fencing or trees to give a twinkling, fairy-tale effect. Alternatively, place solar panelled lights in your flower beds to give a luminous glow amongst the flora and fauna.
  2. Flowers – Flowers and foliage are an easy way to add some colour and texture to your garden. Pick an array of different size flower pots to house vivid coloured flowers to give your outside space a burst of colour. If you want something unique and individual, why not try planting flowers within quirky spaces such as bath tubs, buckets and milk bottles.
  3. BBQ – The BBQ is the pinnacle of the good times and on a sunny evening there is nothing better than cooking outside with good company and good food. Invest in a quality barbeque which will give your guests delicious, easy meals straight off the coals. Whether gas or electric, make sure your barbeque can offer enough food for your entertaining estimations.
  4. Privacy – When enjoying the light summer evenings, you don’t want nosy neighbours spying on you and your guests. Bamboo is an easy way to create subtle seclusion and privacy without a harsh impact. Alternatively, invest in decorative garden trellising which will keep the neighbours out and allow you and your guests some secure seclusion without being too intrusive.
  5. Heating – Once the sun drops, the temperature can dip. Remove evening chills by placing a patio heater in the heart of your garden. There are hundreds of patio heaters out there, but open fire ones give a cosy warmth which adds to the relaxed atmosphere of a late summer evening, ensuring you can stay out late into the night.
  6. SeatingComfortable seating is a must-have for entertaining guests in the summer months. Investing in stylish and classic outdoor seating means it will last for seasons to come. Choosing a seating set which is classic and timeless will mean furniture stays fresh and up to date. Place blankets and throws on furniture so when your guests start to feel the chill they can wrap up.
  7. Music – Music can set the tone of the whole event, whether you are trying to create a party atmosphere or a chilled vibe. If possible, use an extension lead and place an iPod dock or radio outside so you and your guests can enjoy some atmospheric music. Alternatively, put some music on within your house and have the soft tunes come wafting out into your garden as you enjoy your evening’s activities.
  8. Accessorise – Your garden is an extension of your house, so put your own stamp on it by accessorising the space. Candles, wall art and trinkets are all great ways to give your garden a personal touch and make your guests feel at home.

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Easy summer entertaining in 8 simple steps