How to Reupholster Your Sofas and Chairs

Your furniture sets the tone for the overall appearance of your home decor. Have you noticed the spring coming out of your old couch? Or are there stains on your chairs from that one time you dropped some wine on them? These stains and snags are common, but they kill the aesthetic value of your home, no matter how well you have decorated it.

There’s an easy fix for this, and it is upholstering your old furniture. What’s that you ask? Let us help you out!

What is Upholstery and Why Do You Need to Reupholster Your Furniture?

Upholstery includes everything that goes into making your furniture coverings. It is a combination of the padding, the springs, the material used, and the webbing—essentially everything that is added on top of the bare structure. When your old furniture starts showing signs of wear and tear, it is usually the upholstery that needs changing, since the structure remains mostly intact.

Therefore, to make your sofas and chairs seem brand new, you can reupholster them with any material of your choosing. This eliminates the financial burden of having to invest in brand new furniture.

What Should You Focus On When Reupholstering Your Furniture?

Have you made up your mind to reupholster your chairs and sofas? Here are the three things you need to keep in mind:

  • Material and texture
  • Colour and design
  • Cost

Choice of Material and Texture

The choice of material should primarily be based on your usage patterns and also the piece you want to reupholster.

Do you have pets and kids in the family? If you do, you should go for materials like distressed leather or polyester as they are highly durable and can endure wear and tear without showing overt signs.

Black sofa

blue chair

Colour and Design

Reupholstering is an opportunity for you to revamp your interior design, so do not automatically look for patterns that resemble your old upholstery. Take a look at the colours of your room in which the furniture is placed, look at the art and home decor around it, and add life to your existing furniture by picking refreshing colours. If you have sombre-coloured walls, you could pick a bright coloured upholstery—either monochrome or something with a quirky pattern.

Blue sofa

Your habits should also dictate your choice of colour. If you aren’t in the habit of cleaning your furniture daily, avoid lighter colours like white or beige, since they get dirty faster. Instead go for a dark grey or dark brown upholstery colour, which looks regal and is easy to maintain.

Grey sofaCost

The final consideration is the cost—you should budget your reupholstering in advance. How many pieces of furniture do you want to reupholster? Which material is cheaper? Make sure you account for all hidden costs before you hire someone to reupholster your furniture.

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