Lighting Up Your Kitchen with Exciting Wall Colours

Pepping up your kitchen with new furniture or bright wall colours can really bring a twist and animate your kitchen.

Nobody wants a dull kitchen right? Just a couple of interesting colours can enliven that kitchen of yours. Picking up the right colours will definitely brighten your kitchen. Such kitchens make the experience of cooking more exciting and fulfilling.

Here are some wall colour ideas that can make your kitchen appear bright and cheerful. Tastes are definitely subjective, but recently, these are the colours that are pretty much in trend.


A white coloured kitchen looks classy and clean. When immingled with the right set of storage and cabinet, the kitchen looks top notch. Accessorize it with similar shades of tables, lights, or floors and your kitchen is to die for. Pair it with a tinge of bold colour shades like bright orange, yellow, pink or red if you’d like to make it peppier. Such a blend of warm and youthful shades makes your kitchen far more attractive.


Yellow always gives out a feeling that’s happy and chirpy. It is pleasing and comfortable. Especially during the day, the reflection produced by the colour yellow creates a positive energy. Add white or beige furnishings to it or a few kitchen accessories that look stylish and complement your kitchen.


Blue keeps you cool when you feel like a roasted duck in your kitchen. The colour Blue can be used for smaller kitchens to bring about a cool feeling. The colour is soothing, peaceful and comfortable. You may try different variants of blue that goes well with your personality and mood. Blue potteries and other matching articles with a similar combination can be more appealing and eye catching to your visitors. A combination of beige with blue is a classically hit combination since many years in many traditional crafts. This will also break the monotony of the space as well the boldness of the colour. You can use blue tiles, ceramics etc to add up the character.


A little orange and a little bit of red! This combination of coral creates a soothing effect in your kitchen making it look strikingly appealing. Pair it with a few pastel shades and it looks eye catching. Not just that, your kitchen can instantly appear much bigger than it actually is! Using variation in the designs, patterns or pairing them with elaborate tiles can also make it look equally adorable.

Lawn Green

Lawn Green looks extremely fresh especially during the day and brightens any area. When you team it up with some bold colour, your walls simply dazzle. Your kitchen looks more attractive than any other room when anybody enters your home. The colour is also perfect for kitchens that are parallel to a balcony, terrace, or a lawn.

Do keep in mind; the theme of your kitchen wall paint should be consistent with rest of the rooms in your house. You can try a variety of bright, pure, and solid shades of your choice. You may also use decorative tiles with a solid background while repurposing your kitchen. Do not forget to consider the colour and texture of your existing storage cabinets and furniture you use in the kitchen, before finalizing a colour. You might as well wish to replace your kitchen lights with some new ones to add more colour.


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Lighting Up Your Kitchen with Exciting Wall Colours