Plants = Positivity: How Indoor Plants Can Transform Your Home And Your Life

Many people are passionate about gardening and they go to extreme lengths to maintain a horde of both outdoor and indoor plants. However, you do not have to be a gardening expert to appreciate the aesthetic value that indoor plants can add to your home decor.

What’s interesting is that indoor plants can not only elevate your interior design but can also elevate your quality of life. How? Let us explore in-depth some of these benefits of integrating indoor plants in your home decor.

Adds To the Aesthetic Value Of Your Home Decor

From YouTube videos to Pinterest blogs, indoor plants in home decor is a popular theme. You can go for hanging fixtures of artificial plants like the one in the picture below because they take up zero floor space and immediately catch the eye when someone enters a room.

You can also use potted plants as part of your interior design by placing them in different corners of your home. For example, they look great on top of shelves and tables as a decorative piece.

Plants Elevate Your Mood And Evoke Positive Emotions

The Journal of Physiological Anthropology conducted a study on the effects of indoor plants in-home or office settings, and it revealed several interesting findings. The study showed that people feel more relaxed, calm, and less stressed in the presence of indoor plants. They provide a natural and soothing feeling to the inhabitants of a home/office. This is a powerful property of plants since it allows people to cope with their stress better and elevates their mood.

Improve Indoor Quality Of Air

So far we have only discussed artificial plants, but if you can maintain real plants indoors, you should get a few. Studies have shown that having real plants indoors can improve the quality of air inside your home, which can boost your physical health.

The home is the one place where you can escape the impure and polluted air outdoors. So why not ensure the air you are breathing at home is pure?


Those are some solid reasons that should convince you of the myriad benefits of having indoor plants as a component of your home decor. Head over to Pepperfry and check out their diverse range of artificial plants for home decor.

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Plants = Positivity: How Indoor Plants Can Transform Your Home And Your Life