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She is young, quirky and loves fashion! Nitika Bhatia takes her fashion and style seriously and does not refrain from trying out new styles and creating new ones of her own. Creator of The Shopaholic Diaries, for Nitika fashion is state of mind and being comfortable in your own skin. Apun Ka Fry caught with her on a one-on-one chit chat to find out what makes her tick as blogger.


1. Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you become a blogger?

Born and brought up in Ludhiana, I have been living in Delhi-NCR since last 2years and now working as a Marketing Executive. I have been addicted to shopping and everything stylish since I was a child.  Last year, I had started reading many other Fashion Blogs when few of them inspired me to share my passion for Fashion & Shopping through a blog with fellow fashionistas. My Blog – The Shopaholic Diaries is not only a hobby, but also one of the best things which have ever happened to me.


2. What’s your inspiration behind creating The Shopaholic Diaries?

I had started following different blogs and was really inspired by various fashion & beauty bloggers who shared their love for clothes, makeup or anything else so passionately in their blogs. Because I was fascinated by all these things myself, I thought it would be amazing and helpful if I can share my thoughts about Fashion & Shopping with people who enjoy the same.


3. Would you consider blogging a full time profession? What advice would you like to people who would like to do, what you do?

In India, I don’t think Fashion Bloggers are still considered so seriously that it can be taken as a full time profession. Though, I have seen many international bloggers who are doing very well professionally and achieved success through their blogs.  I would say that if you have the passion for what you write about, be it anything- Fashion, Beauty or Poetry- and want to make it reach a wider audience, then Blogging is for you. But don’t aspire for instant success; it needs patience and hard work.


4. What’s the best style advice you ever received?

The best style advice I had ever received was to accentuate your best body parts, and try to hide the ones which you don’t like. Now I know which clothes or accessories make me look balanced.


5. As style and fashion writer, if you had to give one most crucial fashion tip to your readers, what would it be?

Don’t wear or try anything just because it’s In- Trend! My fashion funda has always been to be comfortable in my skin and implement only those fashion trends in my wardrobe which I can personally relate to and which would suit me the best.


6. If you had to invest in one crucial fashion item, what would it be? And why?

Mulberry Alexa Leather bag– this bag is an absolute beauty! With its convenient size and classy looks, it can be paired with almost every outfit- be it a dress, pants or a skirt. I have to have one in Tan shade.


7. Who do you take style inspirations from?

I don’t follow anyone in particular. I go through different fashion magazines, blogs, fashion shows etc. and try different looks and accessories which I can relate myself to, the best. Though I must say, Sonam Kapoor has been one of the most fashionable people I have seen in India. I have seldom seen her go wrong with her fashion choices.


8. Do you think the flourishing e-commerce segment in India is the cause of heightened sense of fashion amongst masses? How do you personally like to shop?

Online Shopping has become an important part of my life. With my regular job, I can’t manage to go to a mall every time I desire. So, online shopping is my rescue. In fact, with the increasing fashion awareness, new and better websites are coming up in India which are not only bringing up healthy competition but also wider choices for us as a consumer.


9. Do you like shopping from Pepperfry? What are some of favorite items from the site?

I have shopped from Pepperfry twice before. I had purchased a pink Marks & Spencer clutch purse, which I now carry around whenever I step out of my home. I really liked the collection of dresses at Pepperfry, and the reasonable prices have really surprised me.


10. Lastly, shopping online versus shopping at a mall? What do you prefer more?

Well, my friends used to call me an Online Shopping freak as I find it the most convenient and fun way to shop. But, shopping in malls is a whole different experience as the feeling of coming out of a store with lots of shopping bags in hands is totally amazing.




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Q & A With Blogger Nitika Bhatia Of The Shopaholic Diaries