Top 7 Decor Ideas To Celebrate Ganpati This Festival Season

Ganeshotsav or Ganpati festival is an annual celebration that marks the birthday of Lord Ganesha/Ganpati, the God of prosperity and wealth, and is worshipped before any new beginning. Every year when the Ganpati festival is about to begin, everybody gets super excited and starts preparing to bring Ganpati to their homes and celebrate Ganeshotsav with great enthusiasm.

Everyone from kids to the elderly at home participates in cleaning, decorating and a thousand other things to mark the arrival of Lord Ganesh and bring in festivities. Decorating a house and place of worship is one of the key highlights of welcoming Lord Ganpati home. In this post, we share some unique ideas for easy Ganpati decoration at home.

Fresh Flower Decor
Using fresh, colourful and pure flowers is one of the best ways to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi at home. To make the arrangement look elegant, it is best to choose a different variety of flowers in multiple shades and arrange them in unique and beautiful patterns. You can also be eco-friendly with your choices and decorate the house with a beautiful flower toran or put up a simple marigold toran at the house entrance or around the mandir.

This simple yet beautiful floral decoration for Ganpati is a great way to enhance the aesthetics and decorate the background of Lord Ganesh’s idol. You can use various flowers for the floral decoration. As many believe that Lord Ganesh loves hibiscus flowers, you can incorporate hibiscus while planning your decoration for Ganesh Chaturthi at home. You can also place flower bouquets of flowers like orchids or roses beside the Ganpati mandap on both sides to further accentuate the beauty of your Ganpati idol.

Cardboard Temple for Ganpati
Unlike earlier, when plaster of Paris or thermocol was the go-to material used to make Ganpati decoration at home, today, many people prefer more environment-conscious decoration options. One such idea is cardboard temples for Ganpati, as these are more eco-friendly. You can use old cardboard to make an elegant cardboard temple after painting them as per your desired theme.

Among other ideas, you can decorate a cardboard temple for the Ganpati celebration by adding hanging diyas next to the temple. If that is not possible, you can add beautiful table diyas.

Using Coloured Printed Papers
Using coloured and printed papers is a unique and innovative homemade Ganpati decoration idea to express your creativity and create an ambience that looks grand and elegant with paper made flowers and other props. If fresh flowers aren’t available, you can still do floral decoration with paper flowers using origami papers and turn your Ganpati decor at home most memorable. You can also add beautiful readymade flowers to make the Ganpati decoration more stunning.

You can also order beautiful readymade paper flowers either available online or from nearby markets for stunning Ganpati decoration. Various online sessions are available on social media websites that teach you easy tricks and hacks to prepare paper flowers at home.

Light Decoration
Using different coloured lights is an excellent way to make things look bright, attractive and appealing, especially during the favourite Ganpati celebration. You can use a range of lights here, such as diya lights, LED paper strips, fairy lights or battery lights that will make the entire space shine and illuminate the complete Ganesh mandap and your house during the Ganesh festival.

Lighting will be an ideal Ganpati decoration idea if you are celebrating outdoors. Your outdoor area will look beautiful when you light it up. You can wrap your trees with beautiful string lights to add beauty to your celebration.

Clay Decoration
Clay is also a preferred choice for home decoration for the Ganpati festival. This is especially a perfect decoration piece if you have small kids at home. Irrespective of their age, kids of all age groups enjoy making clay idols of Lord Ganesh and putting them up on the mandaps next to the Ganesh statues. Apart from being a fun idea, it is also a creative one for your kids.

Other than clay, when it comes to creating an attractive decor for the Ganpati festival, diyas and candles are the best way to go. Diyas and candles give the decoration a traditional look that allows you to create positive energy and enlighten the room.

Ganpati Decoration Ideas Without Thermocol
Some of the innovative Ganpati decoration ideas without thermocol for your home include-

Bright and shiny rangoli colours are a festive favourite. Any Ganesh Chaturthi decoration at home would be incomplete without a unique and perfect rangoli design. The best part about rangolis is that you can get as creative as possible. Some people prefer making rangolis with colours, but some prefer making it with flowers. To be more eco-friendly, it would be ideal to use readymade flowers rangoli or acrylic rangoli sets so that you can reuse them.
To make your decor look even more traditional, you can add a beautiful urli to your decor. You can place the urli in front of the mandir or on the side. You can fill the urli with water and add some floating candles and flowers to enhance the beauty of your decor. There is a wide variety of urli’s available like a brass urli, silver urli, gold urli, glass urli, iron urli, small urli , metal stand urli, etc.

Ganpati Background Decoration at Home
Background Ganpati decoration at home can be quite innovative and creative with the below ideas-

Beads are an easy piece of decoration for the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration at home. They are easily available and come in a wide range of options to give you the creative freedom to create any DIY design and develop a unique Ganpati decor at home.

Drapes are an eco-friendly decoration idea. It is also cost-effective as you can create a beautiful set-up with colourful, beautiful sarees available at home. Add some curtain lights to the drapes, and you can create a gorgeous backdrop for your Ganpati idol.

Summing Up
Festivities during the Ganpati festival aren’t complete with proper decoration at home. Here we have listed some of the best decor ideas for Ganesh Chaturthi that you can use this year.

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Top 7 Decor Ideas To Celebrate Ganpati This Festival Season