8 Best Bedroom Designs for Couples – 2023

In any house, the bedroom is the most sacred space. For many people, it is the only place where they can get peace after a hectic day at work. For couples, this space is all the more special. It is their sanctuary where they can get true privacy, even in their own homes. The decoration of this room, thus, matters all the more.

Have you been thinking about renovating your bedroom and looking for some bedroom ideas for couples? We have collated some romantic small bedroom ideas for couples that are practical and swoon worthy. Moreover, they will help both of you arrive at a consensus if that is where you are getting stuck.

Pick a Theme for Your Bedroom Design

There are so many different interior styles that you can pick from – vintage, Scandinavian, boho, traditional Indian, etc. Selecting the style can help you zero in on the colour palette and the overall mood board. Moreover, choosing furniture and other accent pieces will also become much easier when you have the style in mind. 

If you cannot agree on one style, it is advisable to go with contemporary design. The clean lines along with simple and structured pieces appeal to most people. Besides, it is easy to create a chic and elegant space with a contemporary design. It is the safest bedroom idea for couples who have distinct style preferences. 

Select the Statement Piece For The Best Bedroom Designs For Couples 

Every room with outstanding interiors has one statement piece. For instance, it is the sofa in your living room. As you would have guessed, the statement piece in any bedroom designs for couples are the bed.
Apart from the aesthetics, the bed must be comfortable for both partners for a couple. The interior style will help you narrow down the choices as the sheer variety in the market can leave anyone overwhelmed. 

It may also help you figure out what you should compromise and what is essential. For instance, if there is a lack of storage space in the house, you may want to choose a bed with a storage option. In that also, you will get the option of a hydraulic lift or bed with drawer options. 

Stay Simple or Go Over The Top

In many cases, the bedroom is the only space where a couple can get freedom and privacy. You may not change the look of your house, but you can certainly play around with your bedroom. 
You can keep it simple if that is what speaks to the two of you. Get only the minimum required furniture with clean lines and select a simple colour. On the other hand, if you are a free-spirited couple, you can set your creativity free and get the best bedroom designs for couples. You can go bold with your choices in this romantic decoration room project. For instance, you can get a unique bed with a printed bedding set or abstract cushion. .

Select the Colour Palette

It is advisable to pick a neutral colour for the walls and the flooring. There are several benefits of choosing this palette. Firstly, it is calming and will help you unwind as you lay down to relax. Secondly, it will go with most bedding options. You can always add accent colours by adding furnishings, beds, rugs  and paintings . If this sounds convincing, you can go with white, beige or powder blue colours. These are the best colour for the best bedroom design for couples.  

On the other hand, if you like to go bold, you can experiment with darker shades of green, red and yellow. You can even select wallpaper to add texture to your walls. It is a great way to add character to your bedroom.

Add Side Tables and Lamps

Your romantic bedroom should be functional apart from beautiful. It should allow you to do the things that you enjoy. For instance, several people enjoy reading before going to bed at night. Having lamps by your bedside will enable you to do it without disturbing your partner’s sleep.
You can also consider sconces or hanging lamps above the bedsides for a more stylish option. However, make sure that your electrical wiring allows you to do that. Exposed wiring options are not pleasing to look at. 

Similarly, add side tables to keep basic things like spectacles, phones, magazines etc

Try Mixing Styles

What do you do when you are both very particular about your choices? We say do not be afraid of mixing styles. It will help you create a look unique and as special as your bond. Unleash your creative streak and wait for the magic to happen. 

However, when doing so, make sure that there is a balance. For instance, do not mix too many colours and textures. You need to be extra careful about this if you have textured walls in your bedroom. The decor pieces should then be minimal, like plain white or grey cushions and minimalistic lamps. You can choose one accent colour and select pieces in different shade hues. It will bring harmony while allowing you to experiment. 

Add Earthy Elements

If your idea for a couple room decor is a grounded space, try to add more earthy elements. It is one of those romantic bedroom ideas for couples that will make your bedroom a true haven. The simplest way to do this is by adding plants and fresh flowers to your room. 

If you do not have time to look after plants, you can get low-maintenance plants such as snake plants, ZZ plants, money plants or peace lily. Other ways to add an earthy feel to your space are having exposed bricks on the walls and wood furniture and allowing lots and lots of sunlight to enter your room. 

Add Seating and Artwork

If the space in your bedroom allows, try adding a beige chair to your bedroom. Keep a throw over the chair to make it an inviting room decoration for couple. 
Another idea is to have two smaller chairs with a small table. It can become your cosy place to enjoy your morning tea before heading out for work. 
Apart from this, you can try hanging artwork behind your bed. You can also install wall shelves and decorate it for a more contemporary look. 

Summing Up

 Every couple is unique, and each partner can have differing preferences and styles. Arriving at a consensus for decorating a modern bedroom for couples may seem tough, but it is not impossible. With an open mind, you can give an interesting twist to your safest place.

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