Queen Size Bed Dimensions Explained: Finding the Right Fit for Your Bedroom

Haven’t you dreamed of waking up like royalty used to in the olden days? Haven’t you fantasised about sleeping in bedding fit for nobility – regal, comfortable, and elegant to boot? If so, then queen size beds are just what you’ve been looking for your entire life. Now, most of us are familiar with fairly common bed sizes and types, such as the classic double bed or the compact single bed. But you’ve perhaps not heard much about a queen size bed frame and how it can make sleeping even more pleasurable.

Before digging deep into the details, it’s time for a trip down the annals of history. Way back in 1958, the renowned Simmons Bedding Company pioneered a new style of bed known as a queen size bed. The measurements of this bed made it a compact option that was deemed suitable for queens, hence its name. The queen size bed has survived the passage of time and is today considered to serve the twofold purpose of a compact sleeping solution that easily accommodates two while saving space.

If you’re looking for a smart and spacious bed for your room, then a queen size bed is the one for you. Queen size bed measurements make it the perfect addition for large to medium sized rooms and leave ample area for you to furnish your space lavishly.

What are Queen Size Bed Dimensions?

Before investing in one, it is vital to learn more about queen bed frame dimensions. Knowing more about queen bed measurements will help you get a better idea of how this bed holds up in comparison to other beds, and why it can be of immense value to your bedroom.

An average queen size bed’s length is around 80 inches, providing ample legroom for you to sprawl out and sleep peacefully. A queen size bed’s width is approximately 60 inches, making it a condensed yet spacious option suitable for a moderately sized room.

When pitted against other beds like a king-sized bed, or a double bed, a queen bed’s dimensions allow you to enjoy a restful night’s slumber without having to compromise on space or twist yourself into uncomfortable positions to get into a cramped bedframe. While a queen bed’s frame size is narrower than several other bed types, its compactness is perfect for those looking for a sleeping solution that saves space or fits into tinier rooms.

Why Queen Size Bed Dimensions Make for Better Sleeping?

In today’s day and age of smaller apartments and tiny rooms, a queen size bed lets you save space while also enabling you to sleep in luxury.

Here are a few reasons why investing in a queen size bed can do you a world of good:


Although, on paper, a queen size bed may seem smaller than a king size bed, it still offers sufficient room for you to stretch out and relax. Whether you’re an active sleeper who tosses and turns often or are sharing the bed with your partner or a roommate, a queen size bed’s size is spacious enough to handle it all.


Are you someone who always has knick-knacks lying around, creating clutter? Or do you need extra room to stow your belongings away? If so, a queen size bed with storage is the perfect solution. Whether in the form of underbed compartments, drawers, or shelves, you can pick a queen size bed with adequate storage capacity to meet your needs. In short, a queen size bed is space-saving personified!


A queen size bed is your portal to enjoying the best of both worlds. If you’re a fan of subtle and lowkey interior choices, you can opt for a queen size bed without a headboard or storage. Not only does this help you enjoy a greater sleeping surface, but it also keeps the bed’s design simple and clean. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a bed fit for royalty, you can always pick a queen size bed with an intricate and embellished headboard and ample storage. Whatever floats your boat, with a queen size bed the choices are endless.


If you, like Goldilocks, find it unpleasant to sleep in a bed that’s too large or too small, then a queen size bed can prove to be a happy medium. Most likely, you will spend almost every night in your bed, so why not opt for one that provides you with the utmost comfort? Choosing a comfortable bed also helps you build healthy sleeping habits that allow your body to rest and repair itself. From relieving aching joints and pains to alleviating conditions like insomnia, a queen size bed can help you find restorative sleep each night.

 Mattress: A bed isn’t complete without a soft and firm mattress, is it? Thankfully, queen size mattresses are also specifically designed, making use of modern technology, to help you achieve a peaceful night’s sleep. From gel mattresses to those crafted for orthopaedic assistance, you can choose one that not only fits your queen size bed perfectly, but also improves your quality of sleep.

How to Find a Queen Size Bed that is Perfect for Your Space?

To find a queen size bed that is the perfect fit for your bedroom, it is best to keep the following factors in mind:

  • Material: Ideally, you want to invest in a bed made using materials that will not only complement your space but also last a long time.
  • Space: It is best to keep the space where you plan to keep your bed in mind before making any choice. Whether it is your bedroom, children’s room, or guest bedroom, having the space at the forefront will help you make a clear choice.
  • Style: You should choose a bed that is in a style that aligns with the rest of your décor and your home’s overall vibe.
  • Storage: If you’re looking to stow away belongings, then make sure to pick a bed with enough storage capacity to meet your requirements.
  • Comfort: Last, but not least, the bed should be comfortable for you to sleep on. If you’re sharing with someone, it should accommodate the two of you well.

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What are queen size bed dimensions in feet?

An average queen size bed’s size in feet are 6.6 feet in length and 5 feet in width.

What are queen size bed dimensions in cms?

The dimensions of a queen size bed in cms are 203 cms in length and 152 cms in width.

What is the queen bed mattress size?

The dimensions of a queen size mattress are the same as that of the bedframe; 60 inches x 80 inches.

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