Reduce Your Carbon Footprint in 10 Simple Ways

A carbon footprint is the measure of the environmental impact of a particular individual or organization’s lifestyle or operation, measured in units of carbon dioxide.

You can make differences. Yes, you can. To save the planet you don’t need to join a group or participate in marches. All it takes from each one of us are daily simple steps which have monumental effect in the long run. Like what, you wonder?

Below mentioned are 10 simple ways you can reduce your personal carbon footprint.

1 # Why take the Car?

Instead walk, bike, carpool, or the public transport because since driving less will help decrease gas consumption and one pound of carbon dioxide for each mile you do not drive.

2# Replace the Light, Please!

Swapping the consistent light bulb with a compact fluorescent one saves 150 pounds of carbon dioxide each year.

Cycling is usually a low-carbon way to travel.

3# Choose Refillables, Why Not?

When spending for cleaning products, always purchase refills when accessible. This decreases the amount of packaging used and is typically inexpensive.

4# Examine your Tires Everyday

Types which are inflated properly ensure better gas mileage. Also, for a single gallon of gas saved, the production of 20 pounds of carbon dioxide is avoided.

5# Do You Really Need Hot Water?

Dropping the amount used means big savings not only in your energy bills, but also in carbon dioxide emissions.

6# Excessive Packaging is Not Good

When you purchase products with the least amount of packaging, not only do you save money, but you also help the environment! Reducing your garbage by 10% reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 1,200 pounds.

7# Substitute Business Trips With Video Calls (Whenever Possible)

For many businesses scattered all over the country, even one hour business trips is natural. Why not think about substituting just one of those trips with a video call instead?

The Randy Bag Shoulder Tote Collection, are reusable environmental bags made out of 100% polyester. These bags can be used for shopping, traveling, lunches or carry almost everything!

8# When Was the Last Time You Planted A Tree?

Planting only one tree can absorb one ton carbon dioxide during its existence. So go ahead, plant a tree.

9# Turn Off Electronic Devices

Planning to read a book? Then turn off your TV, computer and other electronic devices as it can save each household thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide each year.

10# Opt for Re-usable Shopping Bags

Forget plastic bags when out for shopping but instead pick an eco-friendly and reusable shopping bag. Pick up one that is fashionable, yet inexpensive and use it during vegetable shopping or at the grocery store.

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint in 10 Simple Ways