The Art Of Using Mirrors For Your Home Decor

Mirrors are such an essential but underrated element of home decor. They are extremely diverse and can be used in several creative ways around your house. In this article, we will explore some interesting and tasteful ways to use different kinds of mirrors to amp up your space.

The Use of Full-Length Mirrors

This is a trick as old as time but one that works efficiently with every room. Have you ever been in a dance studio with floor-to-ceiling mirrors and marveled at how spacious the studio looks? If you want to give your room the same illusion of space, you can do that with the use of floor to ceiling or full-length mirrors.

Mirrors Help You Optimize Natural Lighting

When the bright rays of the morning sun hit your mirror at just the right angle, it can light up your room. For a bright space that is optimally lit by natural light, we recommend placing a mirror directly opposite an open window. The light from the sun will reflect against the mirror and brighten up your entire room.

Groups of Mirrors Can Make a Statement

Have you considered using more than one mirror on the same wall for your home decor? If you haven’t, we are here to tell you that a group of mirrors can make for a stylish statement decor piece. You can use a constellation of similar mirrors with an attractive frame and put it up on your wall in a particular design. The resulting effect can be stunning and can easily become one of your favorite walls in the house.

Placing A Mirror at the Entryway For Functionality

 Don’t you hate it when you are leaving your home for a party and need a last-minute mirror check, but you’re too late to run back inside again? To facilitate this and to add more transparency to your entryway, consider hanging up a mirror near your entrance. It can be a hanging mirror or even a standing mirror and can make for a beautiful decorative item for your entryway.

Frameless Mirror For a Sleek and Contemporary Look

The use of a mirror without a frame is usually rare in the home decor but is an excellent way to imbibe a contemporary and modern vibe to your abode. Using a frameless mirror in your bathroom is a great idea since it conveys the minimal style. You don’t want to be using an elaborate frame for your bathroom mirror, since it can be slightly distracting. Adding the right lighting in your bathroom will only accentuate this mirror further.

We hope these tips help you get started in designing the placement of mirrors in your home. Head over to the Pepperfry website, and check out all the different kinds of mirrors we have in store for you!

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    The Art Of Using Mirrors For Your Home Decor