Going On A Vacation? Travel In Style With These Super Chic Accessories














Who doesn’t love a vacation? Aaah…time off from long commute to work, nagging bosses, deadlines, meetings, traffic….the mere thought induces feelings of sheer bliss. But what’s more exciting than the actual vacation, is the planning phase. What to pack, last minute shopping, checklist etc. it’s all an adrenaline rush. But even though we tend to get very enthusiastic about our travel, we don’t really pay much attention to the details. Such as items and accessories which will make our vacation much more fun, easy and sometimes even stylish. Remember the time you thought that purchasing binoculars for your jungle safari was unnecessary?

Then read on to know about items you should add to your holiday planning shopping list to make this holiday, the best one in terms of style and luxury.

1.      No More Ugly Packing Bags

Yes, we know that you love your old suitcase (even though it’s living battered, beaten and aged) because it stuck by you through many journeys, but it’s time to upgrade. And since nothing oozes chic than a great suitcase, opt for something contemporary, light (since you might have to run around in the station or airport) and most importantly, scratch-proof. And if you are not much into pink, purple or red, select something in matt or a dark shade for the ultimate classic appeal.

2. A Carry It All Backpack Is Time Saving

So you are not the suitcase lugging around kind but prefer something that you can carry on your shoulder. And yes, you also like to take lots of photos for your friends and families back home, right? If you are the kind who like keep their camera close during a vacation even while sleeping, a comfortable, light-weight backpack for your camera, laptop and other electronic items is something you must invest in. Not only, will it safeguard your camera, but will also save you from the hassle of looking for smaller items like camera rolls, charger’s etc.

3. Navigate Your Way With The Press Of A Button

What do you do when you don’t have the luxury of time for long vacation? A short trip where the destination can be reached via your car, of course! Even though road trips can be a lot of fun, one wrong turn and you can land up in the middle of nowhere, or worse, somewhere you don’t want to be. Fights, frustrations and road rage are just the added bonus. Simply avoid all the unnecessary hassles and install a navigation system for your car and plan your route in advance. Trust us; it’s not a luxury but a necessity.

4. Get Your Tools In Place

No matter the kind of traveller you are (especially if you are a road trip enthusiast), carrying a portable tool kit is a very smart idea in case your car breaks down or your find yourself in a small town with no mechanic or just to tighten or loosen something. That is unless you are flying first class with a chauffeur driven car waiting for you to give you a ride to your rented villa ( if you are actually travelling this way, we are jealous) its best to be prepared for any kind of travel emergency, small or big.


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Going On A Vacation? Travel In Style With These Super Chic Accessories