Great family dinners and dinner parties is what comes to mind when we think of a Dining room. It’s the place which sparks the most engaging discussions, conversations about the future, and a special moment when the whole family comes together after a busy day to catch up and spend time with each other. A room of that importance needs to be set up with love and comfort, don’t you think? That’s why we’re here! Pepperfry is here to fulfill your dreams of being a hostess with mostess and have a dining room that is the inspiration to one and all who visit.

A Dining Table Fit For A Party

We cannot imagine a dining room without a dining table. It is the whole soul and sets the tone for the room. The Woodsworth Dining Set made of Teal by Pepperfry is a perfect addition. Its exquisite finish adds a sense of finesse while maintaining the ‘chill vibe’. It’s the perfect lean towards a comfortable vibe making one feel less formal and not at all similar to the feeling of sitting in a formal state dinner. The bench on one side removes the barriers of forced conversation by opening up the mood to a good friendly zone.

Multipurpose For Every Occasion

There are times when you’re hosting a brunch or a dinner where you just don’t want the pressure of formality and would prefer to open it up as a buffet. This way, everyone can ‘chill’ and have a great time without the added pressures of serving or displaying perfect table manners. We bring to you CasaCraft Buffet cum Cabinet which acts as a dual purpose. It can be used as a buffet table as well as a storage space for all the good cutlery and chinaware you want to be kept safe from prying hands.

Ambience To Break The Formality

We’ve never appreciated those harsh lights that are just too bright. While we do need light to see people and our food, a soft warm glow around the room is what makes us feel instantly relaxed. Casacraft Table Lamp is the one stop solution for this situation and adjusts the tone of your gatherings from bright and unnerving to soft glow and soothing.

One More Pretty Table? Yes Please!

A small end table never harmed anyone. It doesn’t take up too much area and gives you enough additional space to keep those items you just don’t want to be lugging around everywhere. Decorated with a nice plant or Casacraft Table Lamp, it’ll only add good vibes and a feeling of relaxation to the room. Get this Bohemiana End Table made in warm walnut finish only by Pepperfry.

A Cushion To Spruce Things Up!

In a room filled with wooden furniture and vintage vibes, you need to add a splash of patterns and quirkiness! Casacraft Cushion Covers put personality into cushions and makes you fall in love with them! No matter the style or colour of the room, these cushion covers always add spunk and individuality wherever they’re placed. Get them from Pepperfry!

So, We’re Saying..

Add personality to your dining room and spruce it up for it’s the room where every important discussion in your family takes place! #ShopTheRoom with and Bon Appetit with great furniture, food, and conversation!

This article was originally published on LBB.

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