Revive Those Dull Walls With 10 Brilliant Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Admit it. There is no worse feeling than sitting in a living room – otherwise complete with exquisite furnishing and excellent decor – and staring at a blank wall! On the other hand, there is nothing more satisfying than a statement-making designer-approved living room wall that is guaranteed to grab all the eyeballs and attention.

Now, if your living room has a blank wall, trying to make it hide behind your back when the guests arrive may look cute (on your part, at least), but it never works. Instead, think about the infinite potential the space contains, which is still waiting to be explored. That wall is an opportunity for you to stamp your artistic personality and create something original that even designers Nate and Jeremiah would be proud of! Here are some living wall decor ideas for you.

Boost New Life Into Your Empty Walls With These Mind-Blowing Ideas


What is exactly so mind-blowing about artwork, you ask? After all, probably every house you visit has got some kind of ‘art’ lifelessly hanging from the walls.

But here’s the rub. What’s not authentic, can seldom be inspiring! Go for wall art that strikes a chord with your personality. You can even use a single oversized painting to make the wall stand out and offer a minimalist contrast to the rest of the space.

‘Do It With Mirrors’

No, we are not just talking about the classic Agatha Christie whodunit here! That’s because besides being excellent for plotting crime, mirrors can also be handy decor elements.

Several small mirror pieces arranged in the style of a salon on the wall can help in reflecting light and giving the illusion of a brighter space. For effect, you can even go for a single oversized iridescent mirror.


Ah, finally, a place for the complete Jason Bourne or Harry Potter collection to get together in one place! If you’re a passionate book lover, there is nothing better to light up a dull living room wall than some aesthetic floating bookshelves.

This small living room idea can add life to your living room besides elevating your collection of books from somewhere neglected in a corner to the center of the living room. It can also house sculptures, knick-knacks, and aesthetic design pieces.

Mounted Television

A boring wall is only one large television set away from being the apple of everyone’s eye in the house. This idea also offers the wall a neat, streamlined look and adds a modern touch. With a mounted TV, we can only imagine the bustling ambiance in your living room on HBO Movie Premiere nights!

Touch of Green

For all the nature enthusiasts out there, you can add another method to your madness by hanging, that’s right, hanging plants on your walls! There are lots of wall-mounted planters and even premium quality faux plants that will reflect your love of greenery.

Sporting Equipment

You can also achieve a personalized effect in your living room by strategically using your sports items. A bunch of surfboards casually leaning in a corner alongside your favorite football club jersey framed on the wall can bring a kind of personal touch to the space, which is quite difficult to achieve otherwise.

This way, you can also let your friends know which side of the fence you are on before the next El Clasico happens!

Gallery Wall

There is a reason why this is one of the most popular options for decorating walls. In fact, a gallery of pictures is the proverbial life-saver for dull living room walls. You can opt for a perfect alignment of multiple artworks or a chaotic cluster of frames with personal photos, according to your preference. You can also adjust your living room lighting to liven up your living room decoration.

Accent Wall

Talking of popular wall decor ideas, the good ol’ accent wall never goes out of trend. Apart from the easy convenience this option offers, it also guarantees maximum interest by providing a striking contrast to the rest of the space. This design can double-down as your exciting living room ceiling idea too.

Architectural Wall

Doesn’t this living room look ever ready for Christmas? Its greatest attraction, the brick wall, teleports you directly to the company of Ebenezer Scrooge and The Ghost of Christmas Past!

Some walls, like this one, are blessed with exotic originality that needs to be uncovered and brought to light instead of being hidden by art pieces. So if your living room wall features unique architectural designs like wooden beams or vintage brick patterns, highlight them using matching colors and designs to give an authentic mood to the room.

Go Vintage

Lots of rustic design elements can offer your wall a vintage relief from a contemporary minimalist living room decor. Go for some colonial magic with handcrafted animal busts or some sheepskin rugs with abstract designs and hang them on the wall for an enchantingly vintage look.

Transform Your Living Room With Decorated Walls

No matter if you are a minimalist or a maximalist, there is always an opportunity to turn a boring wall into something magical that also resonates with your style. Agree? We bet you do. That’s why, here at Pepperfry, we offer incredible ways for you to turn the spotlight on your walls and execute your design pursuits alongside a variety of other creative decor ideas.

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Revive Those Dull Walls With 10 Brilliant Living Room Wall Decor Ideas