Teak is one of the world’s most stable and durable hard woods. However, when buying teakwood furniture, one can be easily taken for a ride. Hence, it’s always recommended that teakwood furniture be brought from only reputed manufactures. Reputed manufactures ensure that teak is sourced from genuine harvesters who grow these plantations in a controlled environment while ensuring no harm to the surroundings.


Besides, such furniture is made using traditional construction techniques where parts such as tenon joints and doweled mortise are also made of teak. Teak furniture brought from reputed manufacturers may be pricier but cheaper alternatives may have loopholes such as dowels made of pine which are not able to stand the test of time as well as complete originals.


Oiling is never a necessity for outdoor teak furniture. In fact it does more harm than good because oiling outdoor teak furniture ties you to an arduous maintenance routine. Keep the oiling to your indoor teak wood furniture such as your bed frames, dining table, etc. Oiled teak is subject to irregular colors through its process of weathering.


With constant use the oil from the surface of your outdoor teak furniture will evaporate leading to a silver grayish color, which is not bad. The oil present under the surface of the grey surface layer is what gives teak its durability and strength. Hence, teak can be left outside your house for all year long.


Wearing causes teak to lose its original honey color and turn grey. It generally takes about 6-8 months for teak outdoor furniture to turn grey which is when it’s totally weathered. During the process however, roughening of the grain or ‘checking’ may occur in the form of spots. Small cracks may also be evident on the surface which is all a natural process of weathering caused due to the expansion and contraction of the wood.

Discoloration and water spots are also a process of weathering, which will eventually even out with time, giving the furniture a uniform silver grayish color.

Caring for outdoor teak

Routine cleaning of your teak furniture will help buildup of dust and dirt from accumulating. While hosing can best work to clean such furniture, do not use high pressure washer. Use a mild solution made of detergent and warm water to clean it followed by washing it with fresh water.


If you choose to keep your teakwood furniture covered, opt for a breathable fabric that doesn’t trap in the humidity and allow ventilation. Avoid vinyl or plastic tarps at all cost as a cover material. As for stubborn stain, scratches and scrapes, use a light to medium grade sand paper to rub it off.

How do you take care of your teakwood furniture? Share your thoughts and experiences with us below; we’d love to hear from you as well.

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