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By Guest Blogger Dolon D Chowdhury

Unlike women choosing gift for a man is a tough task. Because first of all, compared to items for women, there are way fewer options for men. Just think of any mall or store and compare the men’s section size to that of the women’s and you will know what we are talking about. The worst part is that men usually want something when they ‘need’ it, not vice versa.

So what do you actually do when you have to gift something special to that special man in your life?

First of all, you need to plan the process. Find out what his hobbies and favorite ‘toys’ are. Not sure? Then go with something practical; something that helps him work, play or relax. Clothes are fine as long as you know his tastes and here is the big difference from getting gifts for a woman and for a man – stay well away from decorative items. Honestly most guys neither appreciate nor understand their value!

In case you need ideas for gifting (and don’t have the time to visit a mall physically) Pepperfry stocks a wide variety of products for men.

So read on to know what you should opt for if you want to please your man. Be 100% assured that he will love them!

For The Apple Lover – Everyone loves Apple and even more people want to own at least one Apple product. Functional and fashionable, the ipad is the way to go. He can use it for fun or for work and its super simple to use and with some fun applications, the Apple Ipad  or the Apple IPod Touch 4 Generation are both great gift options.

Check out many more exciting gift options from Apple here.









For The Gadget Lover – Want to gift him high-tech gadgets to blow his mind? How does a home theatre system for his pad, sound?  If he a true gadget lover then he will also definitely dig a fancy and high-tech Dvd or Blue Ray Player or a maybe even music system.

Browse through our gadget section here for a plethora of options.












For The Geeky Gamer – Your man can’t get enough of playing games no matter the time or place? Gift him the Sony PlayStation Vita to satisfy all his gaming urges and watch him sequel in joy.









For The Clothesholic – This is probably the simplest gifting options thanks to Pepperfry. Choose from a wide variety of t-shirts, shirts, jeans, trousers, sports & leisurewear, sweatshirts and jackets.













For The Watch Lover – Chronographs, Analogs, Digitals, you will be spoilt for choice when selecting a watch for him. If you are utterly confused, go for a Citizen Men’s Chronographic wrist watch. He will love to flaunt this super stylish accessory.


Besides being a Service Management professional, during her spare time Dolon D Chowdhury hoards lipsticks, loves red and hot pink, is an avid Hindi movie buff, loves animals and writes a beauty, makeup and fashion blog, Pout Pretty @ poutprettty.blogspot.in.



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Special Occasion Coming Up? Exciting Gift Ideas For Men