5 Decor Ideas For The Love Nest of Newly Weds

Congratulations on your wedding! Entering this new chapter of your life is not only exciting but also a great time to be experimental. For most couples, moving into a new home is their very first step into this new world. We understand it can be a hassle, but it also gives you an opportunity to create your own little world from scratch. We give you some excellent ideas to help you set up your love nest.

The Romantic Bedroom of Your Dreams

The bedroom is the most intimate space in your house. For couples living with families, this is probably the only space where you spend some alone time with your partner, especially when you are just starting to get to know them. It is important that you make your bedroom a cozy space, something comfortable, familiar, and of course, romantic. One can never go wrong with the colonial theme. It has an old world charm and the romance of renaissance.

In case you want to go with a modern theme, we recommend integrating an upholstered bed with matching pouffes or ottomans.

A Cute Bookshelf that Merges Your Collections

If you want to display your books, showpieces, potted plants, or other knick-knacks, bring home a bookshelf. If you both are readers, the activity of arranging your books in an order that suits you both, will become a bonding exercise. If that is not the case, don’t worry! Bookshelves are versatile and can be used to display a variety of items. Here are 5 different ideas on how you can decorate it if you are not a reader.

Loveseat for Cuddles and Movie Nights  

A 2-seater sofa is the perfect living room accessory for newlyweds. You can enjoy several movie nights from the comfort of this cozy couch that brings you both together. Aside from the cuddles and fighting over popcorn, this couch will also look glamorous and stylish if you have a compact space.

Wardrobe Space for the New Couple 

Now that you have to store your clothes alongside your partner’s, you would need enough closet space for both of you. We recommend a large 3-door or 4-door wardrobe that has different sections. This way, you can store your clothes in one half and the other half can be used by your partner.

Artificial Grass For Your Balcony

You will spend many mornings and evenings chatting with your life partner on your balcony. From morning coffee to evening drinks, the balcony can quickly become your favorite place in the house. To add some life to it and make it a comfortable space to share, you can add an artificial grass mat to your balcony. This way, you can cherish the feeling of walking on fresh grass anytime you want, and it can be a nice backdrop to your home garden as well.

Those were a few handy tips that you can draw inspiration from for your home decor. For more products and design ideas, head over to the Pepperfry website now!

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5 Decor Ideas For The Love Nest of Newly Weds