For some people physics end at the first rule, “A body at rest, wants to stay at rest!” This blog is for those people.


We believe that sleeping is an art and that makes a mattress – our canvas and the alarm clock – our biggest enemy. So yes, dozing off the right way is a big deal for us! 


Because in our world of art, dreams are the ultimate source of inspiration. And for us to dream big, we need to sleep big. It is our key to holistic wellness, absolute relaxation and to our unfettered dreams. Mastering the art of healthy sleeping is, therefore, crucial for artists like us.  It’s very important to be in sync with our body’s natural sleep rhythm as it has a direct effect on our mental and physical health. From a healthy heart to a sharper brain, good sleep promises it all.

This in return helps our creativity to flow better. With every , we just delve in deep into the creative chambers of our brains. Honestly, this art demands no book reading. 

Once you strike a suitable sleep pose on the mattress that’s made for you, consider it mastered. However, every individual is different. What’s important is, for you to find your comfort zone and eliminate every distraction. Once you do that, there’s nothing between you and your sleep.

CLOUDDIO is one such brand that curates mattresses to support the dreams of such artists. In fact, it is titled as the #GreatestMattressEver, with more certifications than any other mattress brand in India. The range of mattresses are carefully curated with VOC-free material to provide the greatest sleep experience by eliminating distractions.  These products are covered with an anti-bacterial layer that keeps bacteria and allergens at bay. The best part? these have contour foam that cushions your pressure points carefully.

No matter what the art style, Clouddio has something to offer for every artist.

If you’re a side sleeper, and flipping sides throughout the night is your technique to create the perfect masterpiece, then we recommend the soft and medium Nor mattress, since these beds provide maximum pressure point relief in the shoulders and hips. Additionally, to add that extra effect, apply extra cushioning in the shoulder and hip areas.

Also, if you are a sweaty sleeper, then worry now. Oblak mattress is specially curated with HR foam infused with cool gel.

We recommend a medium to firm surface to cradle the hips and provide enhanced lower back support for the back sleepers. This helps aligning the spine. You should try Nor or Wolk mattress by Clouddio which comes with memory foam that provides dual comfort, free airflow, anti-microbial fabric and much more. Straight up masterpieces without any hindrances and with perfect alignments!

Moving forward, Stomach Sleepers might want to change their style altogether since it alleviates pressure on spine and neck. If you still wish to pursue your school of art, then we recommend a medium-firm to firm bed, keeping the body on top and preventing deep sinkage.

Lastly, for the ones whose art welcomes all styles, switching between 2 to 3 sleep positions regularly, medium firm mattresses are made just for you. No matter what the sleep position, they’ll give you the spinal alignment you deserve. Wolke and Oblak are two mattresses that are specially designed for restless sleepers like you all. 

If there are more sleep challenges like joint pains and sweatiness, mattress like Truben and Bulut are the perfect solution for a sound sleep.  Now, get yourself the perfect canvas, and master the art of sleeping.

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