How to Make Your Home Pet-friendly

Pets are a source of constant joy for pet parents. They become the most adorable family members and you want the best to ensure their well-being. So, it is natural for you to want to make your home a comfortable space for them and make them feel home.


We have some solid tips for you if you are struggling to make your home a more pet-friendly space. Read on to find out!

Couches And Beds of A Lower Height

Pets love to jump up on the couch or bed and cuddle with you, and we are sure you enjoy these cuddles just as much. To make it easier for your pets to jump on the bed or couch, choose furniture that is not too high.

This is a general rule of thumb that you can follow for all furniture that you plan to have in your house.

If this is not an option for you or you have already bought furniture that is high up from the ground, consider investing in an ottoman or stool to help your pet make that leap.

Invest In Easy To Clean Furniture

If you have a pet, you naturally need to clean your house more regularly. Dogs and cats both shed hair and you will find it all over your apartment.

It is a clever idea to buy stylish upholstered furniture that is made of low maintenance and easy to clean materials. Usually, materials like leather and rexine are super easy to clean and require minimum maintenance. If you need some tips on how to handle your furniture, you can read our 5 Essential tips for handling and moving furniture.


Use Unbreakable Knick-Knacks For Home Decor

Pets end up breaking and damaging decor items, but then they have a way of looking at you that suddenly makes you unable to scold them any longer!

We have all fallen for those puppy eyes, which is why prevention is better than cure. Invest in functional home decor items that aren’t made of glass or other easily breakable materials. Go for knick-knacks made of wood or metal that will not be damaged even if they are toppled from shelves by naughty pets.

Have A Comfortable Sleeping Area For Pets

While your pets may love to sleep in your bed, it is always advisable to have a separate area for them to sleep. Bring home a comfortable bed for your pet and make it as cozy as you can for them. Add a few pillows, toys, and sheets to make it a safe and happy place for them.

Those were some easy ways in which you can make your home pet friendly. Check out our exciting range of furniture at Pepperfry to look for more options in pet-friendly furniture.

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How to Make Your Home Pet-friendly