Washing Machines: How to Choose the Best One?

Is there a special way to chose the best washing machine?

Washing machines are one of the must have tools and the busiest appliances in any home.  It allows you to save your precious time and you can do other things while your washing is whizzing around the machine getting clean.

Therefore, purchasing a washing machine can be overwhelming and there are a lot of options to consider when buying washing machine. However, if you are considering buying a washing machine, you need to choose the one that matches well with your requirements so as to get the best out of it. Moreover, there are mainly two types of washing machines:

  • Top loaders machines
  • Front loader machines

The top loader washing machines are the most common types of machines that contain a washer tub placed vertically in the machine and have an agitator in the middle that churns the water and clothes together by forcing water through the items.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of top loader washing machines:

  • The usual top loaders have agitators that facilitate the spinning action inside the tub
  • The washing cycle is much faster than that of a front loader
  • One can use any type of detergent as the soap lather do not confuse the washer functions
  • You need not to bend down to unload and load your clothes
  • The drainage system is good as the water drains out easily without leaving excess moisture

Disadvantages of top loader washing machines:

  • The agitator can sometimes be a bit cumbersome rather than helpful
  • The agitator may damage the fabric of delicate clothes
  • The washer consumes much more energy and water for washing clothes

On the other hand, front loader machines are the newest trends that are having doors on the front of it. This kind of appliance is very much capable and can provide much better cleaning when compared to top loader machines.

 Some of the advantages of front loader washing machines are as follows:

  • These machines are more energy and water efficient
  • As washing action utilizes less water and energy you can enjoy cutting back on your bills significantly
  • These loaders take up less footprint and height as compared to top loaders
  • You will require just a few amount of detergent to wash your clothes

Disadvantages of front loader washing machines:

  • You need to use HE detergent which can be little expensive
  • It is a bit of a challenge to install these washers
  • It does not drain water as resourcefully as top loaders

Thus, consider all the above mentioned points while selecting between front loader and top loader washing machines. Be clear about your washing needs so that you can make a better choice.


Dessy dell is a blogger and an experienced marketing consultant. She is having a strong background in market research and sales and mainly deals with home appliances. In the above post she is sharing her views on how to choose the right washing machine according to the washing needs.


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