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With winter come festivities, Christmas, New Year and what not. All the holiday parties are what we look forward to but all this enthusiasm and anxiety brings along some holiday anxiety. There is a lot that needs to be done and with all that you want your home to look perfect. People with a desire to add a new touch of class, every now and then have more to worry about because they need a new décor for Christmas. What most people don’t understand is that they don’t have to break their banks in order to give their homes a new look for Christmas. Just some smart investments, or in most case a handful of do it yourself tricks will work well to add that Christmas panache you have always wanted.

Here are some amazing winter ideas to make your Christmas Décor fabulous enough that no one leaves without complimenting your amazing décor skills.

The simpler, the better:

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We understand it’s Christmas and you wish to decorate every nook and corner of your home but ultimately your house itself will end up looking like a Christmas tree, which is just stuffed with every ornament you found. Keeping things simple will give your home a more vivacious feel and make it look spacious. Specifically for the rooms in your house which will be getting more crowd than others, like your living and dining room. The best way to do this is give things a neat look and add a hint of Christmas goodies. Your living room with the sofas can use some glittery sequined pillow covers in golds and silvers. Add a simple and delicate branch wreath on a wall. Save some branches or find them outside and use some of these delicate branches, cover them in glitter, get a simple white vase and put these decorated branches in a vase on your center table. Put some sweet scented candles around your house to give it a more Christmas-esque ambiance.


A fancy show of everything on your dining table doesn’t sound like a great idea. We suggest you keep your Christmas tree where you are going to eat dinner or lunch to keep up with the holiday spirit. A simple white and dove grey arrangement will keep things in balance. Don’t forget to put some Christmas tree branches and mini candles so it stays illuminated. To get ideas for table décor try searching the internet but don’t forget to stick with simplicity.

Jingle Bells:

You know ornaments are not just for the Christmas tree. You can add some hanging jewels anywhere you like. But, you know the drill, keep it elegant and modest. You can get hanging candle holders at a good price, during the holiday season. If you really are going thrifty then utilize your creativity and create your own hanging candles. Adding these hanging delicacies with branches and colored black and white Christmas tree ornaments to a little corner of your house will give the whole décor a touch of finesse.


Guess who’s most excited about Christmas? Yes, the kids, don’t miss out on making them happy with the décor. Utilize your old light bulbs and paint them into cute Mr. Peggy penguins, one for everyone, with their names written on them. Hang them around where the little ones will be spending most of their time.



Some micro lights and micro lights will effortlessly irradiate your home. Add more to your rice light strings with a bit of decorative stars, made from glittered paper and leave them hanging on walls. Even wrapping a string around some branches will make it look like a Christmas tree.

These are just some basic tips; you can experiment with your own creativity, utilizing something from here.  There are no rules when it comes to home décor or renovation just keep it balanced all over. A very merry Christmas to you.

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