What Does Your Footwear Say About You?

Image courtesy: magforwomen.com

Ok, quickly look down and note the shoes you are wearing! Done?

So what kind are they? Flat, high-heels, kitten heels, boots or flip flops with rough edges maybe?

We know you are wondering the reason for our footwear pop quiz, but there is a reason for this experiment. You can really judge a person by the shoes they wear and it’s not just we who are saying it, but it’s scientifically proven as well. Psychologists from the University of Kansas found that the style, value, colour and condition of the footwear can reveal a lot of the owner’s personality traits, likes, dislikes and even emotional condition!

But if shoes could speak, what would it reveal about you? Here are some clues:

There is nothing boring about flats

Flats/ Ballet Flats/ Loafer Lover?

You are usually comfortable with who you are and in the outfit you wear. You prefer a mix of comfort and style and never compromise on either. To put it simply, you are confident, stylish and daring… and that’s sexy no matter who’s noticing!

Flamboyant is your personality if you love glamorous shoes.

High Heels And Glamour, Anyone?

Wow girl, you do know your style and is not afraid to flaunt it! You hate shying away in the crowd and prefer to stand out, no matter what. Your appearance matter’s a lot to you and you don’t mind spending some big moolah to get the desired effect. You are flamboyant, outspoken and sassy.

What does your sneaker say about you?

It’s All About The Sneakers

So you like your bright pair of sneakers, eh? According to the study people who wear lively, flamboyant, brand name sneakers tend to be more emotionally steady. You are also less likely to attachment concern, since your shoe style is very unique, definite and quirky. We love!

Free spirited people prefer flip-flops

Love Flip-flops?

If you prefer your flip flops and don’t really care about spending on jazzy, glamorous footwear then you are a liberal and a very emotionally calm person. You like adventure and breaking the rules and don’t believe in making fashion statements either. Some would say you are like a monk, we think you are just cool.

Now that you know the basic shoe style and the attached personality traits, next time you shake hands with your new boss, don’t forget to look at her shoes. It can make your office life slightly easier.

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What Does Your Footwear Say About You?