How To Add Drama To Your Home And Make It Resemble A Pinterest Board

A picture perfect home is every homemaker’s dream. Everyone would like to come home to a place that looks like a Pinterest board. So, if that’s what you crave, stop scrolling and sighing over those pins, and just follow these simple tips and tricks. Arshi Mukri, Interior Design Expert, Pepperfry shares her secrets for the new-age millennials to give their home a complete makeover:


The era of black & white
Add some character to a black and white space with grey accents that provide added dimension. Think of a dreamy white bed, add in a suede accent wall and you have a chic abode. Trendy pendant lights in black can further elevate the ambience. For a bold and beautiful appearance checkmate your guests with a beautiful black and white combination reminiscent of a chess board.


Regally yours
Embrace rich, ethnic designs and add a regal vibe to your home with almirahs and doors accentuated with gold. Introduce imperial chandeliers, enormous pendant lighting, and silk upholstery to your living spaces. For the walls, use hues of purple, red and off-white. Grandfather clocks, jharokhas and historical paintings are perfect for that dramatic, antique finish.


The boho chic
Bohemian grunge is a fashion runway phenomenon that is slowly making its way into homes. A splash of vibrant colours and textures in soft furnishings is a game-changer. Think fringed runners in shades of pink & blue, for a more contemporary look. One can also experiment with untrimmed plants, ornamented wooden accents and multi-coloured upholstery. Using colourful lanterns also adds a dreamy bohemian vibe.


It’s time to move on from minimalism! Now go all out with vibrant hues and wallpapers in tropical prints instead of simple shades of white. However, this trend requires some expertise, because if the colour schemes and patterns are not aligned with one another, there is a chance of going terribly wrong. If you’re looking to add accessories to a wall, opt for a central wall and stick to a theme. Rugs with fringes or animal prints are ideal to cosy up bare floors. Whilst picking furniture, opt for dramatic pieces with golden accents and a plethora of colours.


Pick a single colour as the hero rather than trying to combine several together. As per Pinterest’s spring home trend report (March 2018) the search for monochrome home styling is up by 115 per cent. Once you have selected your base hue you can create your colour palette around it. Also remember that placement is the key. Use tranquil shades for the walls and ceiling, and for whimsical statement pieces use brighter hues and patterns. Add some mirrors for some glamour. A monochrome scheme might sound simplistic, but it gives one freedom to experiment by mixing accent pieces.


So, pick your theme and see your decor dreams come to life this season.

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How To Add Drama To Your Home And Make It Resemble A Pinterest Board