Dress Up Your Home in Tricolor This Republic Day

The 74th Republic Day is almost here—a time to bring back Sandese Aate Hain, the timeless Border song; a time to binge-watch beautifully-made patriotic movies while snuggling in with your blanket before the weekend kicks in (It’s Thursday, after all).

But most importantly, it’s the day when we formally celebrate our constitution and watch in awe as the tricolor is unfurled, the army divisions march by, and the states showcase their tableaus. While we won’t suggest creating your own tableau, how about transforming your home with some republic day decoration ideas?

7 Colorful Republic Day Decoration Ideas to Make You Feel More Patriotic

You check out the mall – balloons in Indian tricolors. Log out from the office-same story. Some public places may even add the Indian flag or some saffron-white-green ribbons to their decoration for republic day. Very pretty but very monotonous too!

So, how can you bring the patriotic flavor to your stylish home décor without breaking the bank and design? Time to scroll through our list of exclusive republic day decoration ideas.

1.     Feature the “Wheel of Time” on Your Walls

Include the 24 spokes found on the Indian flag on your walls as part of your republic day decoration in the form of a wall clock or a wall art piece. And while you are hanging it, talk  about how the makers thought it necessary to replace the charkha formerly found on the flag with the Ashoka Chakra (and no, we aren’t talking about the Ashoka movie). Time to recount the 24 life principles worth abiding by!

2.     Mix Earthy Hues as Part of Your Republic Day Decorations

Now that the earthy hues are back in trend and houseplants have become a permanent fixture, a creative republic day celebration idea is to add in some saffron and green-colored cushions, without marring your design theme. You can even experiment with drapes, bed linens, and rugs dyed in saffron and white shades. Add in wall planters to serve as tones of green and voila, you are ready to shoot some Instagram reels celebrating 26th January in style.

3.     26 January Decorations in Your Kids’ Bedroom

 You have probably already snagged some comely saffron, white, and green balloons, and Indian flags from the local artisans (or at traffic lights) for your kids. Time to put them up beautifully next to their soft toys or on the table as part of your decoration for republic day. Might as well add in some Indian tri colored pens. You can even take things up a notch by incorporating wallpaper based on the constitution, which will serve as the perfect backdrop for your re-watch of Article 15.

4.     Adorn Your Dining Area in Republic Shades

Another wonderful republic day decoration idea is to deck up your dining table in chic Indian flag-colored porcelain plates and bowls. Mix in saffron and green table runners with white coasters as part of your decoration for republic day. Bring your A-game by serving tri-colored sandwiches, fruits, and drinks. Feel free to throw on some paper hangings and balloons on your dining room’s upholstery, and then sing along to Satyamev Jayate.

5.     Add National Symbols to Your Decoration for Republic Day

While it’s all fun and dandy to dress your rooms in tri colored balloons, ribbons, paper chains, and flowers, why stop at the Indian flag? How about integrating national symbols, like the peacock, banyan tree, and Ashokan pillar, into your 26th January decoration?

In fact, go ahead and turn Republic Day into an excuse to transform your interiors by showcasing your patriotism through .abstract peacock wall art pieces.

Or, if you are in the mood to celebrate your state’s selection for displaying its tableau during the parade, add some tribal metal pieces or celebrate the day by dancing along to the kids exhibiting folk dances with decor pieces.

6.  Give Your Republic Day Decoration an Egyptian Touch

Confused? Well, don’t be. Since this year’s Republic Day will be graced by Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, it only makes sense to add some Egyptian elements to your decoration for republic day. Add accent pieces depicting hieroglyphics, sphinx, or the pharaoh. Or if you are in the mood to replace your furniture, get an oversized dark wooded statement piece, preferably with ornate detailing to give it the royal, republic touch.

7.  DIY Republic Day Decoration Ideas

Finally, indulge in DIY craft work and mix it with your other republic day decorations. Try tri-colored paper lanterns, paper boats, banners, paper chains, pen holders, cockades, and rangolis, which aren’t hard on your wallet and still add a patriotic touch to your décor. These republic day celebration ideas look even better when paired with ethnic furniture, like a jute chair.

Ring in this Republic Day With Pepperfry

Have we ignited your creative juices with our excellent republic day decoration ideas? So, chop-chop and thumb through the beautiful collections of cushions, diyas, and draperies at Pepperfry, and weave your home interiors in Indian tricolor. Augment the Republic Day cheer manifold by adding ethnic furniture to your dreamy homes now.

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Dress Up Your Home in Tricolor This Republic Day