3 Truths We Bet You Didn’t Know About Your Beloved Zippo Lighter
















We know that you love your Zippo Lighter (or the collection of it). We also know that for most men their Zippo Lighter is a part of their wardrobe rather than just a mundane accessory. And why shouldn’t it be that ultimate cog completes your wardrobe? After all its stylish, sleek, chic, oozes flamboyance and a head turner no matter the occasion (we love Zippo Lighters as well!) We can safely say that much like your favorite cricket team, you can always rely on a Zippo Lighter to get the job done. Btw did you know that all the lighters are wind resistant, dual flame and is built to perform in any season? Of course you did! (Just checking!)

But even if you are the most ardent Zippo fan, we are sure that there are some cool facts about your beloved lighter that you didn’t know. Like which ones?

Read on to know what we are talking about.

Thank Austria For Zippo Lighters

One day the George Blaisdell (also known as the man who founded Zippo) was watching a friend struggle with an Austrian made lighter with a chimney. Blaisdell revised the concept and in 1933 introduced the Zippo Lighter. He built all the early lighters himself and with the help of his 2 daughters.

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Want A Ride In The Zippo Car?

Once the war was over, Blaisdell decided that he wanted to promote his creation with the help of a Zippo shaped car. The result? A 1947 Chrysler Saratoga was selected for the purpose with massive replica Zippo on the side panels that overlooked the roof with detachable neon films and lids that cracked shut for travel. These days, the Zippo Car travels by truck trailer.

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Zippo Is A Huge Movie Star

Zippo has starred in more than 1600 films! In the year 2006 all five Oscar-nominated applicants for Best Picturs; Good Night, and Good LuckMunichBrokeback MountainCapote, and Crash included Zippo lighters. Not to forget, tailored Zippos have long been popular “wrap” gifts on film sets.

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3 Truths We Bet You Didn’t Know About Your Beloved Zippo Lighter