5 Decorating Tips for Small Bedrooms

Decorate your small bedroom in a fancy manner

Is it an extremely difficult task to create a dreamy and comforting bedroom if the bedroom is tiny in the first place? Many would say yes, but we disagree. A bedroom, however small, can be made extremely comfortable, cozy and stylish with some cleaver designing.

How? We are going to tell you.

Get Creative with Colours

Defy the age old rule of decorating your bedroom is pastel hues and get bold. Colours like red, pink, orange and green will add a sense of spunk to the space. Also, patterns like floral, geometric will give the room a warm and inviting feeling. Just don’t go too crazy with colours as it might make the room look smaller and congested.

Bring Focus to the Headboard

Upgrade the style quotient of the bedroom to greater heights by with an attractive headboard. Chuck the old wooden headboard with soft and comfortable with zero hard edges. You can also choose to get the headboard of the bed upholstered. You can custom design a bed at Pepperfry.

Stylize the Windows

The windows in a bedroom generally needs dark curtains to keep the light out. But with the help of some fancy draperies and hangings, helps set the overall rooms elegance. You can opt for roman style curtains or even shutters.

Indulge in Fancy Bedding

When purchasing bed sheets and linens, don’t get distracted by what the salesman is telling you or by high threat counts. While it’s a fact that high thread count simply means enhanced superiority, it all boils down to what the sheets are made from. If you want top quality sheets with are sturdy, lint-free, and opulently soft, opt for Pima, Egyptian, or Supima cotton.

Mirrors Can be Glamorous

Add decorative mirrors with interesting frames to your room to give it a stylish appeal. You can hang one above the headboard or rest a large mirror against the wall. Not only it will up the oomph appeal of the bedroom, but will make it look bigger as well.

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