5 Design Ideas for A Studio Apartment

A studio apartment can be decorated tastefully with some careful planning.

Living in a small and compact apartment? You might think that the lack of space puts a restriction on design ideas, but you are wrong. With careful planning and flexibility, you can turn your studio apartment into a stylish abode. Simply remember that small is fantastic-especially if you are interested in decorating your own space over hiring a designer.

Read on to know some cleaver design ideas for studio apartments.

Plan Your Design and Then Buy Furniture

Storage is the most significant consideration in a studio apartment. Don’t purchase a piece of furniture unless it has veiled storage, is versatile or is compact. These thoughts will make your home flexible and adjustable to different situations. Thus, customize your furniture for better flexibility.

Create Drama

Opt for a stunning sofa or a bed as focal point. Even in a small apace, dramatic but useful furniture takes the spotlight. Go for multipurpose pieces

Multipurpose Is the Way to Go

If you like to entrain guests at home then opt for a table which is flexible in terms of, it folds or sits neatly against the wall. Invest Buy funky foldable s chairs so that you can put them away when not in use.


Beautify the room’s depth with mirrors. Just lean a tall mirror against a wall to expand perception or simply hang a group of small mirrors crossways from a window to bounce light around.

Outline Areas with Colour

Dividing off areas such as a work desk is a must to create the feeling of a multipurpose space. You can do this by de-marking different areas using colour, like painting the wall a striking shade. Keep the rest of the space neutral so it doesn’t clash.

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5 Design Ideas for A Studio Apartment