5 Ways to Incorporate the Color of the Year in 2015


Pantone, the company that is the internationally recognized authority on color, recently announced the hue of the year for 2015: marsala.

While it seems a far cry from last year’s bright, cheery color, radiant orchid, marsala has already shown up on the runway and in home decor magazines.

Marsala is a deep red, earthy color (think red wine) that will, thanks to its recognition from Pantone, now be seen in clothes, furniture, jewelry and home decor throughout the new year.

Here are five ways to incorporate the Pantone color of the year, marsala, into your home in 2015.

1. Marsala as an Accent Wall

Maybe you aren’t ready to paint your whole living room the color of red wine, even though it’s a color that appeals to both men and women. That’s OK.

Introduce the color of the year by painting one accent wall instead of the entire room or painting a transitional space like a hallway. When you paint marsala on the walls, contrast the woodwork and trim by painting them in a crisp white. Marsala is a great choice if you’ve been looking to add warmth to your home.

2. Marsala in the Kitchen

Perhaps the most natural place to introduce the color of the year is the kitchen, since it’s named after the wine used in cooking. But for many people, the kitchen is a functional room where snacks are assembled and dinners are prepared, and little thought goes into the design of the room.

Display wine bottles proudly or purchase a marsala-colored tablecloth or placemats. A set of wine-colored dessert plates can pop on the counter and update a well-used kitchen.

3. Marsala on One Accessory

Marsala complements gray, golden yellow and taupe, which are all popular color choices for neutral walls. So chances are you have a room in your home that could easily feature a marsala accessory.

If you want to go the DIY route, spray paint a lamp that is already in your home and update it with a new shade. Or you could add a wine-colored throw blanket, area rug or pillows. Look at your living room or bedroom with a critical eye to see where a small update could go a long way to modernizing your home decor.

4. Wine on the Vanity

The bathroom is an easy place to introduce some wine-colored accents in beautifully displayed nail polish bottles, perfume spritzers, or necklaces and bracelets. Don’t have wine-colored jewelry? You should! Marsala is flattering on many skin tones and hair colors. A little rearranging of your bathroom vanity can turn it from sloppy to chic using this year’s signature color.

5. Hang Marsala on the Walls

When was the last time you considered the art on your walls? Is your hallway a mash-up of family photos in different sizes and frames? Or maybe there is a piece of art that has been hanging in the same spot for the last decade. Paintings and photographs with marsala can add drama and richness to bare or dated walls.

Marsala, a reddish brown color named after wine, is sophisticated and glamorous without being overpowering. Update your home by introducing marsala in big ways or in details in 2015!

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5 Ways to Incorporate the Color of the Year in 2015