7 Bookshelf Ideas That Will Please Every Type of Reader

For true bookworms and bibliophiles, there is nothing as exhilarating as gazing at a collection full of exciting novels and amazing authors and trying to decide which book to pick up next. And while the choice of the next read is a sweet headache to have, you probably would not want to think too much before having an elegant bookcase to display all of your books.

Besides, in the last couple of work-from-home-filled years, bookshelves have started to trend like never before. No matter if you are a writer, designer, or corporate warrior, you can represent your true personality with bespoke bookshelves curated for your personal book collections and enhance the intellectual quotient of your space to Noam Chomsky-esque levels!

Here are 7 unique bookshelf ideas designed to reflect the reader inside you.

Bedroom Library

If you are the kind of reader who can not go to sleep without indulging in the bedtime story ritual (albeit unsuccessfully so!), having a bedroom bookshelf can serve multiple purposes. Besides being an intimate feature of your bedroom decor, it will also be highly convenient just in case you wish to switch from Stephen King to someone a little less terrifying in the middle of the night!

One more thing. Just make sure not to keep multiple rows of books above the bed’s headboard to preserve a nice chilled-out look and avoid an accidental book avalanche on top of your head!

Book Staircase

Talk about storage solutions to go with intellectual pleasures! Who would have thought that staircases could also be great bookcases? Stair-shaped bookcases can maximize the space potential in your house while keeping the look uniquely aesthetic.

And if you have a little Roberto Bolano inside yourself who does not mind a bit of thrifting and hustling to read his favorite books, then a staircase library reflects your personality to the T.

So then, put your staircase to work, find some hidden space within, and stack your collections under each of the steps. You can even have a real feel of some Gonzo bohemian lifestyle by making the stairs your prime reading location!

The Tree of Knowledge

The book tree is another modern trending design, perfectly suited for your living room or study. Also called ‘The Wisdom Tree,’ this bookshelf type is guaranteed to channel your inner monk of enlightenment. Especially if you like the likes of Alan Watts or Eckhart Tolle in your catalog, you can design a spiritual hub around the wisdom tree and soak in all the knowledge.

And with multiple variations available even in this unique design, such as closed and straight shelves, you are not going to run out of options to stack your books however you please.

Attic Library

Who does not have fond memories of taking their favorite mystery thriller upstairs in the attic and curling up whole afternoons with them? Well, you can keep your inner child young forever by building a library of bookshelves right there in the attic space.

With a nice cozy surrounding and a quiet ambiance, you are guaranteed to zone out with your favorite Sidney Sheldon classic without any annoying interruptions.

High Ceiling Bookshelves

Still obsessed with the amazing world of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts castle, especially with its cryptic libraries and awe-inspiring bookshelves? We do not blame you at all. After all, there is a charm in oriental bookshelves that is hard to match anywhere else. No wonder they find a place in historical fiction (like the labyrinthian Abbey library in Umberto Eco’s Name of the Rose) and constantly inspire amazing creations (as the mystical Ritman library did for most of Dan Brown’s works).

So, if you happen to own some of the more coveted works of centuries gone by, and are also blessed with a high-ceiling space, do not hesitate anymore before putting this amazing idea into action. Before you know it, a high-ceiling bookshelf will transform the aura of your entire house!

Non-Traditional Bookcase

If you like breaking out of conventional norms and practices and love embracing the new and the weird, you can show off this whacky side of your personality with these unconventional bookshelves. Beat the boring with fun new angles and out-of-the-box looks, and your bookshelf will grab eyeballs in any setting.

Open Bookshelves

If you have been following celebrity pundits and public intellectuals like Richard Dawkins on TV debates, you must have noticed this kind of open bookshelf in the background some time or other. Their amazing popularity revolves around an immaculately modern look and the amazing accessibility they offer. Being extremely elegant to look at, you can even use a couple of shelves to display decor pieces or add a glass door to the design.

Find the Perfect Abode for Your Books Today!

As you see, when it comes to bookshelf design ideas, the sky’s the limit nowadays. With amazing style options (such as circular, angular, and hanging bookcases) and the vast space they offer, you can spend whole weekends arranging and rearranging your personal collection and not get tired. So, quickly head over to the Pepperfry website to further explore these design ideas and find the perfect home for your best buddies: books!

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7 Bookshelf Ideas That Will Please Every Type of Reader