Home Decor Guide: Furniture X Habits

Choosing furniture for your home is a slow and tiresome process. You have to consider matching color palettes, your aesthetic, functionality, etc. However, have you ever thought about basing your home decor and interior design on your habits?

The kind of person you are can and should determine the furniture you pick for your home. The following are a few tips to help you realize how your habits have a role to play in your choice of furniture.

Clumsiest In The Group And/Or Too Lazy For Daily Cleaning?

Do your friends and family describe you as clumsy? Do you keep spilling coffee or dropping your food on the floor/couch/bed? Is regular cleaning of your furniture not an option for your busy schedule or laid-back approach?

Consider going for darker color palettes for your home decor. Darker colors are easy to maintain, mask accidental stains and do not require regular cleaning. So go for something like a black sofa, a dark walnut centre table, a dark blue rug, etc.

For Those Who Love Organizing And Planning Every Small Detail

While some people’s motto in life is ‘Let’s wing it’, you are not one of them. You like to carefully plan everything and feel the need to maintain a highly organized surrounding. This need for organization can be channeled into your home decor. Pick something like this multipurpose cabinet below, that is both beautiful to look at and gives you more organizational freedom.

Choose Furniture Based On Your Recreational Habits

Your choice of furniture and recreational habits often go hand in hand. If you are someone who likes to spend a lot of quality family time, you should go for a large couch in the living room, since it fits all members and promotes intimacy.

Do you like to unwind over a drink or two after a long day at work? Do you have friends over often for intimate house parties? If you want a composite bar cabinet that does not take up a lot of space but looks really unique and stylish, you can have a wine rack like the one shown below, placed in your living room.

You Are Thrifty But Also Want To Class Up Your Home Decor?

If you are someone who likes to save money, and if you are thrifty and careful in life, then here are a few ways to jazz up your home decor without having to spend a lot. If you are decorating your dining room, go for a reasonable but attractive dining table set, and then invest in an expensive carpet for the floor.

You can pick up some hanging plants and an affordable wall mirror for the ceiling fixtures and the wall decor, respectively.

Ready To Shop?

A self-aware customer is the best customer, and hopefully, you now have a better idea of what kind of furniture matches your habits and personality the best.

Head on over to Pepperfry for the largest catalogue of furniture options and start decorating your dream home!

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Home Decor Guide: Furniture X Habits