Home Interior Design Finished With Decorative Lighting

You can completely transform the look of your home with decorative lighting. The only catch is, how to do it.

If you have wondered how to use the lightings as an interior design element this article will be more than appropriate for you. You do not have to be an expert in decorative lighting to plan and organize the design. The only basic information that you need to know is that lighting design is organized in three kinds of illumination: general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. To receive a kind of decorative lighting, the three types should be mixed together.

The decorative lighting as a whole highlights the texture and important keynotes and has different variations of the light levels and sources. In that way they indicate what the rooms are for, for instance the brighter lights are designated for playrooms and living rooms, while dim lights are put in bedrooms.

Before starting with the design of the decorative lights plan carefully the purpose of each  room in your home. The intensity of the light depends on the activities which take place in the facility so it is essential to provide a different amount of light for the different rooms.

Task lighting

Task lighting is appropriate for places where more intense light is needed and is better to be three times bright compared to the general lighting. Task lighting fixture which are recommended are the recessed lights, pendants, table or floor lamps as well as track lighting.

General lighting

The general lighting is appropriate for illuminating the entire space for a greater visibility. The general lighting can come from both up lights and down lights. The up lights focuses the illumination towards the ceiling and they include torchiers and wall sconces. The down lights cast down from the ceiling or a wall. They are represented by recessed lights and track lights. The floor lamps and the table lamps are considered both up and down lights because they supply with light the ceiling and the floor at the same time.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is designated to put an accent to objects, paintings and sculptures. The position of the fixture should not block the line of the sight and you should use a bulb, no more than three times as bright as the surrounding general light. The best accent light tends to be the halogen, thanks to its intensity and brilliance

These are the three main types of lighting by which you can design your own decorative lighting, appropriate for your home. Combine the stunning chandeliers with suitable pendants and halogens and you will receive a mixture and decorations which will definitely refresh the appearance of the home.

For more specific need you can also turn to professional team, however if you take into account these details you won’t experience difficulties in designing the decorative lights by yourself. To do this you may also need a strong motivation and creativity which is required when decorations and designing are concerned. Clear up your mind and make the dreamed decorative lighting for more diverse atmosphere.


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Home Interior Design Finished With Decorative Lighting