Moving Into a New Home? Here Are 10 Must-Have Furnishings

Moving into a new house can be exciting as well as a little nerve-wracking. With all the packing, traveling, and shifting involved, it is understandable if you run out of steam and are ultimately waiting to get it all over and done with.

But before you throw in the towel and get back to status-boring-quo, why not make the most of this opportunity to finally create your dream home and install all those exquisite furnishings you have been planning to have for years?!

Here’s a list of 10 essential items to furnish your new home from scratch and make it worthy of the Elle Decor cover page!

Lounge Sofa

No brainer, right? After all, the sofa is the soul of every living room. The last thing you want after a long and tiring day is to come back to your new home and travel all the way to the bedroom to chill and relax. Ideally, you want to drop right there on the sofa, prop your feet up, and doze off watching Two And A Half Men like there’s no tomorrow!

And this wine-red velvet sectional sofa with its elegant minimalism and striking design, is perfect for fulfilling all your chilling needs, alongside elevating your home aesthetics to a whole new level.

TV Console

Any home is incomplete without an entertainment center or a TV Console. For entertainment fanatics who love HBO Movie Nights and EPL Match Days, this Casacraft Entertainment Unit is an absolute must-have to store small electronics, remote controls, and DVDs.

Dining Room Table

Once you have settled into your new house and quietly begun to plan the essentials for a perfect housewarming party, a grand dining room table should be the first item to strike off your list. After all, this is where you can gather your guests and tell amazing stories to impress your new neighbors.

With this West Village Dining Table from Ellementary, you get style and flexibility, as well as the perfect spot for family gatherings.

Work Desk

A home office desk has become one of the essential elements in any house. It can act as the central location for all your work-from-home projects as well as a great site for reading and writing.

And if you’re one of those Harvey Specter-like work freaks who like to have all the necessary folders and papers close at hand while working, go for this Durian L-shaped desk with large drawers for maximum storage options alongside a sleek surface for working.

A Comfy Bed

Moving into a new house is a great time to buy a new bed for your master bedroom. Since it is not every day that you go around buying beds, make sure it is a worthy long-term investment with this Teak Finish Bed from Springtek.

Coffee Table

Coffee tables are often-ignored pieces of furniture that are not only highly functional but also very stylish to look at. And just in case you are moving to a much bigger space, you are especially going to miss them while sitting on a sofa corner desperately looking for a spot to put down your glass of wine.

Go for exquisite design and the latest architectural technology with this Kiosk coffee table in frosty white and add some contrast to the rest of your living room.

Eye-Catching Carpet

If you want to add a quick personal touch to a new place and make it your own, there is no better tool to do so than an elegant rug that matches the design of your living room. You can go for an oriental look as in this multi-color hand-woven carpet from The Home Talk and channel some of the Arabian Nights ambiance right in your home.

Exquisite Lighting

Good lighting is capable of elevating any ordinary living space and transforming it into a dazzling masterpiece that ups the style quotient of the entire house. With incredible options available in ceiling lights, such as flush mounts and cluster hanging lights, you can literally create magic in your new home and enhance other decor elements too!

An Elegant Bookcase

For all of you bibliophiles who seem to never have enough space to keep their forever piling collections of Jack Reacher novels, a new home is a perfect opportunity to get yourself a bookcase. Check out this solid wood Amberville bookcase to add colonial-style grace to your storage options.

Chic Ottoman

Probably the most versatile piece of furniture you will ever have, an ottoman can be used as a footrest for storage, and it can even double up as a coffee table. This Venni Ottoman with a chic yellow top can fit into most modern living rooms and serve so many functions that you are going to wonder where it has been all your life. Well, better late than never!

Brand New Accessories for a Brand New Home

With so many stunning pieces of furnishings and decor elements, your new home is all set to be a blockbuster hit among your friends and neighbors. On the Pepperfry website, you can check out even more amazing furnishing options and create stunning interiors for your new home!

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