Here’s What Your Room Should Look Like Based On Your Personality

Hello, dearies. In this too-short life, it’s such a waste to not be all of yourself. And by that I mean, all the elements of your life should be in sync with your persona (including your pillow covers, yep). There’s truly no point if you aren’t out there, in all your glory, creating magic. And what better way to speak about your true glittery self than making your room, your own heaven?

Be it your furniture or your curtain draping, this is how your room should look like based on your personality:

1. The Effortless Modern Heart.

Do you feel like the modern, contemporary lifestyle is EXACTLY what you were born to live? Do you love the millennial way of looking at things; be it breathing freedom into love or digging the timeless and the classic when it comes to your personal style? Well then, your room should represent elements of both modernity and timelessness that forms the essence of Woodworth’s furniture.

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2. The Minimal, Focused Beauty.

Are you flexible when it comes to life? Do you live in the moment and love to rove your way through whatever you encounter? Do you believe in the philosophy of ‘less is more’? Be it talking only when you truly need to or just finishing your everyday goddess look with a clean, chic wing of eyeliner? If you’ve replied a ‘yes’ to all of the above, your room should boldly represent the beauty of minimalism and clean lines. Your furniture should be as fluid as your maturing thoughts and should reflect style. And in this case, CasaCraft from Pepperfry is your new BFF.

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3. The Timeless Soul.

First up, do you think the golden days of the yesteryear had so much more funk than our present, modern ones? Are you someone who loves to soak in history, charisma and charm? Are you a worshiper of soulful love and are your life values a gorgeous amalgamation of old-school and the new age? If so, your room should have elements of both, the old and the new (but more of the pretty lattice work, of course). Induce your room-vibrations with the magic of Amberville’s classic colonial style decor and thank me later.

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4. The Raging, Free Spirit.

Now, the world may think you should be tamed, but you’ve got wings that are too large to be caged. Your quirky, free spirit deserves all the joy this universe can possible garner. You’re those one-off rare hearts that inspires everyone around you. We’re pretty sure you’ve been called a ‘unicorn who farts rainbows’ more often than not. Don’t stop smiling because your furniture needs to be as colorful as that soul of yours. And what better companion could we hook you up with than Bohemiana from Pepperfry: a brand that stands for fun, eclecticity and pure furniture magic.

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5. The Grounded, Magical Mama.

Some may call you boring, and some old. But very few have the patience and the eye to spot your grounded beauty. You are wild, just like the colors of India but you are so much more than a loud mouth. You have a stillness that centers you in every storm and your aura exudes heart-open traditionalism. If anything, your room decor should boldly speak of your calm and mellow, rich taste of things. Mudramark is your ally in this adventure. With furniture that brings in the vibrance of ethnic Indian art and architecture, it speaks of your inner bounty and love.

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This article was originally published on FilterCopy.

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Here’s What Your Room Should Look Like Based On Your Personality