Like Hosting House Parties? Then You Will Love These Bar Accessories

Hosting a house party soon? Time to give your bar a makeover!

So you like hosting house parties, eh? Which basically means that you are a people person and like people coming over to your place for a fun and chilled out time, right? And unlike a party at a hotel or pub, the best benefit of hosting a house party is the fact that you will know 85-90% of the people attending and that’s always a good thing.

And unlike partying outside, because this is your home, it adds comfort knowing some of your most valuable properties are not in total danger. In addition to coziness and safety you have instant access to food and drinks. In addition to food and drinks you have total access to the keys of the drinkers who just don’t know when enough is enough. To that end you can make access to dangerous situations (drunk driving) disappear. Though this list isn’t exhaustive, you get the main advantages of hosting a house party.

But when it’s about a party, a bar is the most important meeting point for your guests. A point where they let their hair loose, talk, communicate and get to know the other guests better.

That’s why we have come up with a list of 5 bar accessories which will upgrade your next house party from casual to causal yet chic. Don’t know the difference? You will, once you see the items.

Teak Wood Decanter With Silverman By Ravenn

Item 1


A decanter is a vessel that’s used to hold wine during a dinner or other event. It allows the wine to become aerated which in turn, makes the flavor stronger. Get the decanter for your next party as it will also give you an excuse to talk about its benefits with your guests.

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Goyal India Wine Rack

Item 2

Funky Wine Rack

Spice up the look of your bar with the amazing artistry of Indian blacksmiths. A classy way to accentuate your bar area, this wine rack is utility based yet gorgeous to look at.

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The Corporate Edge Liqueur Luxury Glasses

Item 3

Chic Glasses

Say bye bye to the same old boring glasses as these set of six stylishly designed glasses will upgrade the party’s oomph factor. Each one has a distinct shape so each guest gets one of their own. And that’s not all; they come with an equally elegant tray to match.

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Sheesham Wood Bar Chair

Item 4

Stylish Bar Chair

No matter how big or small is your bar, this sophisticated and tasteful chair will make it stand apart and give it a luxurious feel. Pick something more neutral like the Sheesham Wood and you can use it the other part of the house as well.

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Style N Steel Double Wall Ice Bucket

Item 5

Ice Bucket

To make an impression on your guests, its best to focus on the small items such as tool sets, cool glasses and ice buckets. Even though the item is small, the impact this oval stainless steel ice bucket will make will be classy.

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Like Hosting House Parties? Then You Will Love These Bar Accessories