7 Stunning TV Unit Designs to Liven Up Your Living Room

Feeling down because of the gloomy, cold weather? Let’s watch TV. In the mood to finish off “2022’s best movies list (even though it’s 2023)?”, log in on your favorite OTT…on TV. Had a breakup and want to watch something comedic? Yeah…TV; unless you’re Bridget switching channels post her breakup with Daniel and being traumatized by scenes of a brutal murder or perfunctory coitus between wild lions—your TV probably hates you then. 

  Long story short, watching TV is a comforting couch-bound ritual that we all indulge in, especially over the weekends. And with TVs increasingly becoming aesthetic, it makes ardent sense to put them in creative, functional, and modular TV Units that add to your watch party experience.   

  So, how can you add a touch of glamor to your living room with your TV serving as the perfect crowning glory? Read on for some scintillating TV Cabinet Ideas … 

7 Jaw-dropping TV Wall Unit Designs to Ginger Up Your Living Room

With space becoming a precious commodity and a painful constraint in Indian homes, TV units have become an ideal way of sprucing up your space while jazzing up your decor. In addition to adding storage, these stylish tv wall unit designs can effectively serve as a partition between rooms, or may even double up as home bars! 

  Having said that, choosing an ideal tv unit design for the living room can be tricky as not only do you need to be cognizant of the lighting and reflection in your room, but you also need to pay attention to wall colors and backgrounds. Besides, will the wall-mounting versus TV stand debate ever end?  

  Probably not! But what we can end is your search for stunning tv cabinet designs for living room. So, here we go! 

#1 The Vittoria Marvel

This sleek and chick TV Unit with clean lines is minimalistic, with its glossy finish harking back to Nordic noir. If you’re the type who prefers clean and clutter-free spaces, then this white tv wall unit design is for you—it’s neutral, cool, and aesthetic; basically, the Tony Stark of TV units. Pair it up with muted décor pieces, like vases and designer bowls, to maintain a sophisticated look. 

#2 An Earthy Wooden Wall Mount

An evergreen TV unit design idea is a wooden wall-mount TV unit design like this  Carvalho Nobre finished piece from Painel Braga —wow, that’s a mouthful! This modish TV wall unit design adds an elegant charm without meddling with your décor theme. Besides, wood begets comfort, except when Vogon Constructor Fleet hijacks your TV to announce Earth is due for demolition, as in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  

.#3 It’s Got Legs

This muted Rowlet Mini piece in wenge and white finish reminiscent of the 60s and 70s with its slanting legs is one of the ideal tv cabinet designs for living room, especially if you belong to the tribe of those constantly losing their remote. Its open and enclosed shelves variety offers ample space to store your books, show off your decorative pieces, or hide away surprise gifts! You can even have a gallery of wall art or photo frames right on its top. 

 As for the remote, keep it in plain sight next to your TV so the next time Jim Gaffigan starts off a joke ‘Have you ever been sitting on the couch and you suddenly lose the remote,’ you can smirk and say, “Nope, I can’t relate.”  

#4 The Eclectic Rolex Light TV Unit

For those of you who enjoy mixing and matching various styles in their small spaces, this Gamma TV wall unit eclectic design is a must-buy. Its mix of wooden and white tones makes it a truly one-of-a-kind piece that will make your living room scream livable luxury and beauty.  

 Plus, if any horror crawlies come out of your screen like in The Rings, they will probably, maybe falter over the bottom storage…will give you more time to run, won’t it? To be on the safe side, let’s not watch any cursed videos. 

#5 Frosty White And Black Look

Spunk up your space with Das’ Konrad wall-mounted TV Unit, which is a fresh and creative take on tv unit design ideas. This super-light TV unit—it weighs only 17 kg– is armed with an open media stand for showcasing all your media gadgets; it’s time to bring out the music-lover in you.  

 Inaugurate your new collection by blasting off Springsteen’s 57 channels, without the TV laying “in pieces there at my feet”, of course! 

#6 Rustic Charm

This classy antique oak finish Parker TV unit functions as a rustic blend to your room’s decoration, with its sleek straight-lined boxes and clean edges. With its bottom storage niches concealed, the TV sits in an alcove, thus infusing this exquisite design with contemporary inspirations.  

Who knows, you too, like Max in Videodrome, could end up communicating with your TV, and maybe even crawl through the screen? Yes, we know we sound delusional.

#7 Give Your TV a Melamine Touch

An all-wenge Kosmo Mandarin TV unit by Spacewood serves as the absolute head-turner by neatly integrating a TV unit, wall shelves, and closed cabinets to create a multifunctional tv wall unit design.  

 Up the style quotient by decorating with indoor plants and metal fixtures. It’s grand, it’s versatile, and bleeds understated elegance—it could be Orwellian, but hey, we don’t live in a 1984 world (or do we?). 

Enhance Your TV Wall Unit Design With Pepperfry

If you have kids who like, Edward from Enchanted, treat TV as a magic box that can answer all their silly and sane questions, or like Wanda from Wandavision, enjoy watching foreign TV shows to pick up new language skills, these amazing tv cabinet ideas are sure to help you design the perfect background for all your activities.  

 So, go ahead and make your pick from our tv cabinet ideas or explore Pepperfry’s extensive catalog for more ideas. 

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7 Stunning TV Unit Designs to Liven Up Your Living Room